Bal Sac....anyone own this?

  1. Hi Guys!

    I was wondering if anyone owns this bag...I think the name is the Sac??

    If you do own it,
    1. what is the size?
    2. Do you like it?
    3. Is it too deep?
    4. anything you don't like?
    I'm considering trading the bag with someone but I've never seen this bag in person or tried it on!

    Thanks! ;)
    bal sac.jpg
  2. Good luck... that isn't a very popular style... but if anyone has it, it's a PFer. I can't help you out with any practical information, sorry.
  3. ahh the camera bag in monk leather. I think it's a very pretty bag, the leather is awesome.
  4. Mocean-Thanks! Have you seen the bag in person? How big would you say it is??