Bal Questions for the Experts :)

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  1. Reference questions..

    1. What year/season did Bal change from the single whip stitching to the double? Was it on all styles?

    2. In 2008, when they changed the gusseted inner pocket to inside the lining, was this for ALL styles? Or are some still gusseted?

    3. What is the last year/season that Bal used the old Lampo Style zippers?
    I thought it was f/w 2003, but have seen a 2004 listed with the old style.
    Could have been a fake, or really a 2003 bag.

    4. I know they switched leather type in F/W 07 on some bags, but some F/W 07 were still Chevre. Was it just random selection, or are certain styles changed and others were not until s/s 08?

    I've read through the 08 changes thread and tried to search the rest.

    Thanks so much! :smile:
  2. omg so difficult!!i am able to answer to question n 4 only sorry!:smash:

    i am pretty sure balenciaga switched leather in agneau just in random...for instance i had a 07 violet gsh work in violet and a friend of mine had the same bag in agneau!

    my new 07 ggh work black is from F/W 07 and it is chevre,my 07 ggh cp fW is agneau:wacko:instead

  3. Wow! That's crazy they just did bags randomly like that. From posts I read, I thought it may be like that, but it just doesn't make sense!!

    Thank you, one question down! :smile:
  4. #4 Jul 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2009
    yes it is ridicolous!!...

  5. Yep, that's right.

    But I was actually asking about the pocket inside the bag.. ;)
  6. i will try my best to help, i bolded my answers...
  7. Thanks Nicole! :smile:
  8. uhhh sorry i didn't read well!!:Psorry

  9. i am always asking the reason why BALENCIAGA CHANGED from chevre to agneau...i still don't know why:crybaby:is it agneau really cheaper?is chevre more delicate?
  10. ^^ i think because lamb skin (agneau) is more plentiful then goat (chevre).
  11. i read somewhere here that the SA claims that agneau is more durable than chevre?

    sorry that i may be a bit out of topic...but...
    i think starting from 09S/S main collection, some of the RH Works do not have FEET anymore...
    i got this information from Tokyo who bought a tempete rh work...
  12. ^^ Yup, clarimond got an RH Work without feet, but bag-gage got one with feet. It's very bizarre. I don't understand why Bal is so random with such things.

    And, I'm with nicole on all the answers, except I don't know which bags saw the change in the inside pocket.

    I believe one of the arguments used for agneau was that it was supposed to have rendered a more even result over a large number of bags, making the quality of the bags more consistent, as opposed to chevre.