Bal prices around the world

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  1. I just noticed that there seems to be a huge discrepancy in Bal prices around the world! For example, a city in Europe seems to cost around 945 euros, which converted to USD is over $1400!!

    I'm just really curious why there is such a huge difference??

    And, I'm also curious how much Bal cost in other parts of the world.
  2. ok-

    Edmonton, Alberta Canada (Canadian dollar- which is very close to US now)

    Giant City 2008 = 1900.00 + tax

    Giant Work 2008 = 2100.00 + tax

    City RH 2008 = 1500.00 + tax

    please share you knowledge!
  3. ^Wow...

    Since I buy mostly overseas, I'm not 100 % sure but here goes...

    City 1590 CHF
    Work 1790 CHF
    Day SGH 1550 CHF
    Day 1290 CHF
  4. ^^^ What does CHF stand for??

    For those posting, if possible, would you mind converting your prices into USD so we can see the comparison??
  5. CHF = Swiss Francs

    1 Swiss Franc is about 1.02 Dollars (but about CHF 1.20 when the USD was stronger, the prices still haven't been adjusted).
  6. Bags with regular hardware:

    City - £730
    Day - £540
    Courier XL - £575
    Flat Messenger - £540
    Work - £810

    Double for the US dollar conversion. £1 = $2

    Oh and just out of interest, what are the US prices pre tax? Thanks.
  7. 1 USD = 7.8 HKD
    First - 9300
    City RH - 10500
    Day RH - 7700
    Twiggy - 8900
    CP GH - 2800
    Giant Envelope - 7400

    I get a 10% discount so some styles work out to be cheaper in HK
  8. just as a side note, in europe you can get vat back so it tends to be cheaper than us if you do. :smile:
  9. yup e.g.

    Work RH in Paris
    EUR 1045 to EUR 825 (excluding vat)
  10. in australia a first is $1995! including tax thats
    1,812.73 USA!!!!!!!!!!
  11. :wtf: liz! that's crazy!!!!

    my limited knowledge of styles I get here in the US.
    RH Coin Purse $285
    GH Coin Purse $340
    Money Wallet $495
    First $995 US
    Day $995 US
    City $1,195 US
    Giant Day $1240
    Giant City $1595
  12. If I were in Europe I'd be all over usa ebay - great deals for them!
  13. :confused1: What about price in Sweden?
    FYG, in S'pore
    City RH S$ 2,299
    Work GH S$2,879

    US$ 1 = S$ 1.40
  14. In Thailand,
    CIty RH 62,000 baht
    WOrk RH 72,000 baht

    US$ 1 = 32 baht:hysteric:
  15. yes i remember one of the zip up wallets was 27 000 baht in bangkok

    thats about 750 us dollars?