Bal Paris

  1. Hi everyone

    Does anyone know the opening times of BalParis or if they have an email address?

    Been lurking here for a while (love the site and forum) and am finally going to buy my first bbag next week :yahoo: Well its a work trip to paris so am hoping to sneak off for a bit of bag shopping! Am counting down the days already, though I think it could be the start of an expensive habit......already planning what colour to get next :graucho:

  2. If you want to buy a Bal bag in Paris, try the Bal boutique in Printemps first. The staff there are really nice and the selection is usually pretty good. My experience (and that of my Parisian friends) with the Bal boutique in Paris have been mixed at best.
  3. Just found the store last night. Turns out it's right around the corner from our hotel! They're closed today due to the VE holiday but I plan to swing by there tomorrow to check it out. I'll find out their hours. They're at 10 Georges V, right next door to Crazy Horse.
  4. yes I find the staff at Printemps much niccer than the standalone stores
  5. Balenciaga,10 avenue Georges V,75008 Paris.
    Le Printemps,64 boulevard Haussmann,75009 Paris.
    Hope this helps,there are other places to find BBags in Paris,but these ones have the biggest stocks.
  6. Thanks for the info, will try printemps first.

    thanks again
  7. Just wanted to say thanks for the advice about Printemps. Went there on Thursday, had a lovely SA and got my first BBag - a perfect black city :yahoo:
    bal1.jpg bal2.jpg
  8. Congratulations! You can't go wrong with a Black City.
  9. Congrats,happy to hear you've find this gorgeous bag!:yahoo:
  10. perfect! i agree with pseub... u really cant go wrong with a black city!!! congrats
  11. very nice! congrats!
  12. Congrats!!!!
    A black city is a perfect choice!!!!
  13. CONGRATS :smile: And Welcome to the obsessive world of Bbags...:yahoo:
  14. thanks for all your kind comments.
    Am already thinking of what colour/style to get next....:graucho: