Bal Paris - so confused ! :(

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  1. well i live in Ireland and the stuck up monsters in one and only store that has bal bags won`t let me place an individual order.:cursing: i rang Bal Paris and they sent me a fax to fill in the details and send it back to them ... all cool but they ask me to give them the last 3 digits of my CCV ( or CVV never remember ) security number on the back of my credit card .:confused1: .. its so strange normally you only use that number with internet transaction not with cc terminal ... why would they need it? plus its not even printed out on the form its hand written by an employee ...any advice any suggestion anyone had the same issue ? Thanks a lot in advance i need to decide what to do my new work won`t wait for my order forever ! :sad:
  2. how odd! i live in ireland too, and tried to place an order in Brown Thomas today (and was DISGUSTED at their rudeness, especially compared to the chanel girls).... obv they wouldn't let me but i'm not worried, because i'm headed to paris in may where i (hopefully) get my hands on my weekender. in the meantime i've my eyes on the beautiful black Boxes that seem to be lurking in BTs...
  3. So are you nervous about giving out that number? I do it all the time. I have been told that they get charged 1% fee if they don't have the actual card so if they get that code, they don't have to pay it. I have never had any problems result from giving it out.
  4. I've given out that number several times w/phone transactions; seems pretty normal to me and nothing to worry about.

  5. they just cant be bothered in there ! but i must say my SAs in BT Dior are absolutely fantastic and charming and helpful ... not like the Bal monster or the LV dry and cold princesses...:yucky:

  6. Totally agree with Allison.... :yes: - I do it all the time too and I've never had any problems yet !
  7. I did that without a problem Nataliam. And now my city aqua is here, i really think if you are dealing with bal paris is going to be fine!
  8. Everytime I place a phone order with BalNYC or any boutique, they ask for that number. I have never had a suspicious charge on my card.

    Good luck. You should march into that snotty store in Ireland and just give it back to them. I have a hard time too with this, but remember, YOU are the customer, and that means that YOU are the boss. Those stores and SAs need your business!!!!!!! Good luck.

  9. They do that incase a credit card number is stolen...usually people who steal cc numbers from receipts etc do not have the 3 digit number from the back of the card so if they make a phone or mail order with a valid card number but don't have or give the wrong 3 digit code then that gives the store a red flag. If you ever ordered anything online and put in the wrong code it will come back and tell you it was wrong as it did not go with your account number...The 3 digit codes are unique to that retailers credit card ie: Cabelas, Citibank, etc... I have no problems giving it out...
  10. It's completely normal!! They always do it if I order outside grand Norway:p
  11. lol...I've given out the code when ordering Thai takeout over the phone. it's really not a problem.
  12. Just to let you know, I ordered from Bal Paris recently and I faxed them the number so that the order could be processed. I had no probs the staff were really friendly and the bag arrived within one day of faxing them the form and copies of my credit card and passport. Good luck ordering from them!
  13. Yeah its not a problem giving out the number, its totally normal.
  14. thank you for all your input ladies!!!!!!:yahoo: im gonna go ahead with my order without fear now ( if the bag is still there :wlae: )
  15. Good luck, let us know what happens pics!!!!