Bal Paris prices!

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  1. Hello! Here are the prices of some popular styles from Bal Paris in case some of you are travelling in Paris and plan to buy something! ;)

    - the city 945 euros
    - the first
    765 euros
    - the work,
    1045 euros
    - the box,
    945 euros
    - the part time,
    985 euros
    - the mini bowling, 795 euros

    -the day 675 euros
    - the mini classic 535 euros
    - the weekend 1175 euros
    -the twiggy 795 euros
    - the mini compagnon 295 euros

    These are the only ones I know, if you know the prices for any more styles please share them!:yes: So are the prices better in Europe?

  2. oh, forgot to say that the purse is 745 euros !!!

    also, does anyone know if they offer extra tassels like Bal NY does?
  3. so is the box same as the city???
    here in the uk ,the city is 735 pounds ,first 675 ,twiggy 630 and box 580
  4. The courier is €723 in Holland. The other prices are the same as what Danae posted.
  5. Wow the city in the UK converts to €1097! That's €150 difference.
  6. yes the city is very expensive and twiggy is cheaper than the first
  7. The first is 865€ and the twiggy is 795€
  8. Are you sure? The prices I posted are the exact ones Bal Paris emailed me. Maybe they made a typo...?! :shrugs:
  9. I paid my first " first" in july 05 820€ ,the city was 900€ and the twiggy 760
    Now the city is 945€, the city 865 and the twiggy 960
  10. oh yeah, you are totally right. I bought my first in Oct 05 for 820, and when I saw the price from the Bal email I thought- well I was ripped off last year. So what you say makes sense, thanks!!!!! silly me!
  11. the twiggy 960? 200 euro increase? Are they crazy?

    I'm confused. So what is the price of the twiggy, 795 or 960?
  12. Oh sorry!
    The twiggy was 760 and now is 790!!!
    The first was 820 and now 865
  13. i just bought a First from Paris and it cost 865Euros before VAT. you can claim about 112Euros.
  14. Compared to the US...yes.
  15. My local store in Italy is now selling B.bag :
    first 895€
    city 995€
    Giant brief 1195€
    Twiggy 795€