Bal NY Ships for free!! ??

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  1. I just ordered an India Blue Weekender from Bal NY and Daisy told me that they will ship for free now...its about time don't you think??

    :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
  2. Is this just shipping within the US or worldwide? Wow - BI weekender! Post pics for us to drool over once you get her!
  3. Great news, thanks for letting us know!
  4. oh WOW. could someone find out if it's international shipping as well!!!
  5. Wow, must be new! I imagine it's only US shipping, since they were charging $70US for shipping to Canada just earlier this year.
  6. That is awesome, thanks for letting us know!
  7. what about tax then?
  8. OK, I just talked to Daisy at Bal NY to order a Griege First (I just ordered the Blueberry City from her a couple weeks ago and shipping to me was $15) and she said they DO NOT ship for free??? She actually sounded surprised when I asked ... ???
  9. This goes for me too- i just got my BI Twiggy and they charged me $15 for shipping????:crybaby:
  10. Did you girls pay sales tax? Or just the $15 to ship? And did you have to pay to have it insured?

    I ask because I called BalParis and they said you have to pay shipping and insurance (and then customs since it's going to another country).
  11. nope, no tax, just $15 Shipping.
    I don't think there is tax if it is shipped out of NY...
  12. I did not pay tax either just $15 shipping. The color and the leather is gorgeous but i am thinking about sending it back to BalNY. I rather to wait for the Spring colors. I don't know if this is possible but if any one is looking for the Twiggy in BI let me know may be i can ask my SA in BalNY to save it for you after they recieve it. This way if you are not on the list may be you will have a chance to own one.:flowers:
  13. I just ordered from BalNY and they charged me $15 for shipping. How I wish they ship for free!
  14. I just called (need to know the SS colors) and again I was told that shipping is FREE!! ps. Only to USA and CANADA....better than nothing no?

    Apparently it is a new thing, free shipping that is.:jammin: :jammin: :jammin: :jammin: :jammin:
  15. hm... this is a conflicting information....
    motochicmom, you said you talked to daisy and she said shipping is free....
    queenvicoria2 also talked to daisy, and daisy said shipping is not free???
    i am so confused........