Bal NY Shipping Charges?

  1. I just received my black First and it came with a copy of the Bal NY receipt which shows a shipping charge of $40! Every other store I have purchased from charges $12-15...are they really charging $40?
  2. ET, did they overnight it to you? They usually only charge $15 for regular ground...
  3. I bought it from a PF member...she just sent a copy of the Bal NY receipt, and I saw the $40 and panicked! So she probably had it overnighted? Whew!
  4. LOL!! Yes, she most likely had it overnighted to her when she originally bought it!!
    Whew, indeed!! I first thought *you* had bought the bag, and freaked myself out for a second b/c I thought they raised their shipping prices along with some of their bags! :lol:
  5. bal NY charges 70 for shipping to australia, and they refuse to ship by usps, or anything other than fedex! so i didnt buy from them :sad:
  6. unfortunately yes they charge alot. for three day delivery they charged $30. :blink:
  7. So it was YOU who stole my bag??!! :shocked: You better give her a good home! :graucho: I'm so jealous... :Push:
  8. Did I steal your bag? :shame: Oh no! :flowers:
  9. It's alright. You beat me to it within 30 min... fair and square. :roflmfao: I'll just have to put that money towards a rouge vif First or City then. :graucho:
  10. I'm from downunder too.. (by way of Sydney..) =)

    I used ShopTheStates when i ordered from BalNY, so i could get STS to lower the value of my package. =) although the FIRST time i bought from BNY, i got charged customs taxes.. learnt it the hard way! =)

    OH.. but STS is now closed... bummer.. but there's this site where STS recommended to us before they closed (us = STS customers), (they gave us a discount code as well.. PM me if you would like it... )
  11. yeah me too... hit hard by customs!!! but its totally worth it!!! i love my twiggy! yeah BalNY international shipping is $70 US...
  12. See, that's funny! I've personnally had so many bad experiences with the regular Postal Services when getting deliveries from overseas to Europe that I REFUSE anyone that is not shipping with fedex or DHL...

  13. I bought 2 bags from them and they only charged about $12-15
  14. All of the bags I have bought from BalNY, they have charged me 45 dollars for overnight shipping.

    Edit: And I live in Maryland which is 4 hours away.
  15. I don't need it overnight...especially for that price! I would be happy with $15 for regular FedEx ground. That usually only takes three days.