Bal NY SAs response

  1. I had requested pictures of a bbag to be sent to my email account last week but havent received them yet. I called several times to ask if the email had been sent and the SA said it was sent. This morning I gave them another email address just to make sure and I havent gotten anything yet. Today was my fourth call and I dont know if I should call again. I really like the bag but dont know if I should just purchase it blindly. Did any of you have the same problem? Are they good in sending back pics through email right away?
  2. Ask for Daphne. She does it really fast.
  3. I've never had a problem with getting pics e-mailed to me..could your mail filters be on by chance? I'm missed e-mails not know they went to my bulk folder. Why don't you try e-mailing them, then call your SA and ask them to do a reply so there's no mistake on the address. I'm sure he/she is interested in the sale and wouldn't lie about e-mailing 3 times, at least the SA I work with wouldn't do that.
  4. aulii, call again! The problem is on their end. I had the same problem last week. When my SA forwarded the original email it showed it had been sent at the earlier time so I know they had sent it. The problem is their server. It was down last week and now I have confirmation that at least there is one other person with the same issue...and now you do too. So don't feel bad about calling and don't let them act like this has never happened. BTW, same thing happened a few months ago, so it has happened to me twice.
    Good luck.:flowers:
  5. Agree with what superchick2 suggested, check your junk mail folder.
  6. The SAs are not lying, they are sending the emails. The possibility is their server can't handle how busy they are at times. Bal NY is in my address book, comes straight into my inbox.
  7. I e-mailed my SA yesterday so we'll see how long it takes to get a response. She's really fast and have e-mailed a few times in one day answering questions for me, so if it takes her a while then there's obviously some server problem. You'd think they'd let you know sure is better to explain the possible delay as being technical rather than to let you think you're being ignored.
  8. I haven't had a problem either until my last order. Last 2 weeks requested pics, didn't get any. Ordered my coin purse over 1 week ago, haven't received (turn around time usually 2-3 days at most for other purchases)

    When I called and asked (server down) but now I really can't figure out why my order hasn't made it. Will email again tonite or call in the am:shrugs:
  9. Joseph sent me out pics today that I took him about an hour. I'd call again and see what the problem is.
  10. Thanks for all your responses! I took your advise and called again and found that they did send the email. Just like what BellaFiore had mentioned, when I finally got the email it did show that several email attempts have been made at an earlier date and time. My email address was correct so something must be wrong with their server. :shrugs:

    When I called to inform them that I finally received the email, the SA was surprised because the email was actually sent several hours before. After waiting the entire morning for the pictures I was finally able to make a decision to purchase my first bbag. Im very excited and hope that I wont be disappointed!

    Thanks again!
  11. YAY aulii, i am so glad that you finally got to see the pics and i bet it is the Origan City. :graucho: keep us posted.:heart:
  12. YAY!!!:yahoo: Enjoy and please post pics when it comes....Hey, what did you get??
  13. Yup I'd love to know what you got too! :yes:
  14. Joseph sent me some pics last week. i had to wait because they're server was down. i would ask again. good luck!