Bal NY SA says the shoping is a good alternative to the work- opinions pls!

  1. While speaking with a SA from Bal NY this morning to see if there were any styles available in cornflower (nothing in what I'm looking for, sigh) our conversation got side tracked and the SA brought up what seems like a good point: the shopping is only a couple of inches different than the work in width and the strap has a longer drop, so it fits perfectly on the shoulder.

    I haven't decided just yet what color I'm going to choose, but she totally sold me on the shopping! I searched the nooks and cranies here for info on this bag, as well as photos but it doesn't seem to be too popular!

    Does anyone want to throw in their two cents? Photos, comments, opinions- anything. I'm totally intrigued by this style and would love to know more. Thanks guys!
  2. ^^ i prefer the shape of the work, but the shopping's a cool style if you don't mind the fact that there's no zipper on top...that's a deal-breaker for me since i live in nyc with all the pick-pockets!!! :girlsigh:
  3. I much prefer the work for the same reasons as aaallabama, I bring my Bbags back and forth from San Francisco to Hong Kong. I NEED that zipper. =) The shape of the work is more appealing to me as well.

    I think a few members on here are huge Shopping fans though. You may want to search under "Shopper" as well, as I see them (mis?)called that quite often.
  4. thank you alabama and couturefemme! i'm so impressed with the different styles that i've been looking at (i thought maybe i should branch out from the city and work), they all seem functional for my purpose (school/daily shopping, etc). my city is awesome but at heart i'm a big bag kind of girl, and i miss my work.

    i was waivering over the fact that the bag doesn't have a top zipper (which i found initially weird, imo all purses should have a zipper closure!) but it looks so charming. i have been looking at as well as eBay, i'm not totally rulling out the work just yet... there are too many alternatives it seems, i really need someone to choose a style for me. knowing me i'll continue to go nuts over other possibilities and return back to the trusty work bag.. i just need something school and everyday appropriate, something big!
  5. Yeah, well, the Shopping was discontinued for a was not very popular! Keep that in mind as well. The Work continues to be a very popular staple, so I think you can't go wrong with that choice!
  6. It seems Balenciaga keeps searching for a vertical, pretty big bag that goes easily on the shoulder and is an alternative to the Work. The Shopping is a nice bag. Some people really liked the Afternoon, which could be considered a successor to the Shopping with a safer top closure. The newest option is the Brief, but it isn't for everyone. It is like a vertical Work in a sense.
  7. ^^ great idea roller, i :heart: mine :tup:

    p.s. it's easier to wear over the shoulders
  8. ^^I love my new Brief too, and also thinking of getting another one. It holds quite a bit and looks better when it's packed full, IMO. It's quite practical and goes over my shoulder very easily and I'm NOT the slim type. =)
  9. the SA (leslie i believe her name was, i'm horrible with names :hrmm: sorry gang) i spoke w/ also mentioned the brief and from what i've seen from photos, it is also very intriguing. however everyone does seem to side with the work, overall. my only pet peeve about the work is that while it fit over my shoulder, it was a little snug (and i'm sort of petite, 5'2 105 lbs). it wasn't uncomfortable, but i just knew it didn't feel as natural as my other shoulder bags. i suppose the brief is another option, the handles are longer than the work, right? i'm always on the market for a big bag, preferably a bag that i can wear on my arm and shoulder. any brief lovers here?
  10. I really like the Brief a lot. It will fit easily on your shoulder, given the length of the handles/handle drop. a lot of people prefer how it looks held on the arm. Either works. Most of us agree that a Work with GH has handles that are a little longer, so it is a bit more comfortable on the shoulder than the regular Work. I am anxiously waiting to hear the actual sizes of the new styles, like the Step.
  11. ^^ me too!!! :yes::wlae::love:
  12. I have the Shopping and it is the best bag that I have ever owned. There is no is a pickpocket would have to work very hard to get in there!! I love the no zipper, because I can throw a bunch of stuff in...and it holds SO MUCH!!!
    I am curious...what colors did they have the Shopping in?? I have a green, pink, and I would love a black!!
  13. rollergirl thanks for your input, you're pushing me more and more towards the brief, i guess i've been keeping the work style in mind as a back up since i've owned one and know what to expect.

    the few pictures i've seen here of the brief are always of it being held in the nook of the arm and i think it would look great on the shoulder. it just has such a nice shape to it, i think it would look better on the shoulder than the work actually.

    as for the GH... i think i'm one of the very few who prefers the RH! i just like the classic look, i'm all about the leather, not the hardware.

    i don't know a thing about the step, or other upcoming styles for that matter. what have you heard about the step?
  14. add to what I have said above...the "Shopping" is usually a ton cheaper on places like eBay...because it is not a popular style! AND....I have never seen it knocked-off!!!
  15. annemerrick the shopping looks awesome, my only concern is no zipper, then again, i also want the large gucci horsebit hobo and that doesn't have a top closure either, so i don't know what my concern with this on the bbag is for.

    i didn't get to chat too long, i was at work and was only calling to find a cornflower work (or work alternative) and then we got to chatting about the shopping and the mid-afternoon (which i find looks rigid around the edges, i prefer the work over the afternoon... but i love the slouchy corners of the brief). you should definitely call back!

    and you're right about eBay prices, there's a shopper/shopping with a buy it now for something like $875, which is awesome for such a big roomy bag. too bad it's in such a light color. i need a blue or a red for sure!