Bal NY Pix of Anthracite First

  1. The leather on that bag looks fabulous! Thanks for the pic!
  2. That's hopefully going to be mine!! Phew so glad the uploading worked, I'm not the most savvy when it comes to this!
  3. anthracite looks the best in the first. thanks for posting.
  4. That is one very cool bag. I can't wait to see your pics when you get it, too! Thanks so much for sharing!
  5. I will, I am hoping it will get here without any trouble on Wed., I am taking a flight out later that night so it has to be here in the AM otherwise :sad:
    and I'm away for 2 months so it'd kill me, such drama and always with my bags!! LOL!
  6. Beautiful! Would you mind if I post this on the Purse Blog main page? What is the price on this beauty??
  7. Would love that, by all means please! It's $995 Megs!
  8. LOVE this color in the First! Thanks for posting. :yes:
  9. thanks for the pics! the way the bag looks in the lighting, with gold tones...i haven't seen anthracite in this way before. very interesting!
  10. Yeah, I can't wait for my anthracite city to arrive!! :yahoo: I hope to get it within a few days. I can only hope that the leather and color look as fabulous as the one you posted, girlie.
  11. ^^^ Can't wait to see yours, I am sure it will be fabulous!
  12. Isn't it? As soon as I saw this pix, it was all systems go, hopefully she won't disappoint IRL!:smile:
  13. The color :wtf:. I love it!!