BAL NY Magenta update as of 5/30

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  1. Just spoke with Kim(?). They have some magenta Firsts and Works coming in! Go getm' girls!:graucho: ;)
  2. What???? :shocked:

    thanks, ranskimmie!
  3. Im sure if you were to call she would reserve one for ya!:biggrin:
  4. Wow! I'm so surprised!
  5. oooooh, ranskimmie, i'm loving this color :love: i will be kicked to the curb if i even so much as THINK about it :shocked:
  6. I already bought/reserved one of them and she said two were coming in this week! woohoo!!!
  7. You guys are so bad for me. I am on hold with Bal NY right now!

    Update: I just ordered a magenta first! Yay--so excited!
  8. :lol: :roflmfao: good luck valerie!
  9. Yay!! Let us know what happens:graucho: :biggrin:
  10. what??? wait... how??? They get shipments of earlier season bags? Or are these returns? OMG soooo tempting... I...must...resist.....
  11. Yeah ... seriously ... where are they getting the old bags from? I'm still looking for the coveted Apple Green City/Work/Weekender!!!! The Magenta is tempting though ...
  12. hahaha in about 5 mins on this site we have purchased all three of the magenta firsts lol
  13. I called & got one too. :yahoo: The firsts must be gone now..

    I asked the SA where these magentas were coming from & she said they were probably back stock from the warehouse.
  14. Man, we are cut throat around here aren't we?!:lol:
  15. did i start something???

    go get them girls!!

    i was told that they were getting some older bags out from the warehouse in the next few weeks.


    where is this warehouse?
    what else will they have?

    i have totally no more money. and husband will leave me if this continues!