BAL NY/LA - Q's on shipping

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  1. hello, i wasn't sure where to put this so here goes my question..

    i want to order something from bal, and i'm thinking of having it shipped to my aunt's in MA. Question is, would the box have those stickies that declares the list of what is inside and the corresponding price? it's just that i don't want my aunt to see the value of the purse, and would prefer that she doesn't open the box, and ship it straight away to me :P:graucho:
  2. I'm expecting a Turq PT Rh from Bal LA any day now... I'll keep you posted!
  3. BalNY always declare full value but I'm not sure how prominently it would be displayed on the box.
  4. I've gotten two packages from BalNY and they did not have a value on the label. The invoice they put inside the package in a discreet it shouldnt be a prob...
  5. I dont know what the practice is in US. my orders from Bal Paris doesn't have any value on the external packaging. Receipt is in an envelope like melovepurse mentioned.
  6. great to hear they don't put the value on the label. thanks so much girls!! :winkiss:
  7. So I just got my baby today and yes there is nothing on the outside label about the pricing/ whats in it and the receipt's in a sealed envelope inside... But obviously the Label says its from Balenciaga. Hopefully your aunt isn't familiar with the brand!
  8. Hi

    Anyone has any experience of not receiving any response from BalNY after making payment?
    They have been very responsive when I was making enquiry abt the bbag I wanted to buy, but since after making payment, I've yet to receive any response from them.
    I'm worried...:s Can anyone share their experience with me/advise me what I can do?
  9. ^^ How long has it been? What kind of response were you expecting? Usually the bag arriving is their response :amuse:
  10. ahertz is right....even when Aloha Rag shipped to me, there was no communication until the bag arrived. Your aunt will probably receive it right away.
  11. Thanks gals!
    I guess I maybe a little paranoid:shame:
    I got my bag on Thursday and I was overjoyed and surprise by the fast delivery!!! I'm on my way to enjoy my new City!!!:wlae:
  12. What do BalNY use for shipping? UPS? FEDEX? or something else? I need to know so I can contact them and be aware of the intl duties to pay!
  13. When I ordered from BalNY it was UPS.
  14. Same here. It got to me pretty quickly, too.