BAL NY - is it safe to give charge authorization?

  1. Hi,

    I live in Denmark and cant find any of the bags I want here in Europe :crybaby:

    Bal NY has the one I want, but the SA has now sent me a charge authorization to sign and fax back to her.

    To me it looks like I am giving her possibility to just draw from my Amex card, and I certainly dont feel safe about that.

    Is this normal procedure and can I do it without worry?

    Hope you dont think I am paranoid, but here in Denmark I have never tried anything like that before.

    I really want the bag though, but is just a little nerveous about this whole procedure.

    Any input would be appreciated - thanks a lot.

    Ohh and btw - should any of you see a Aquamarine Giant Hobo or First, would you pls think of me and send me a pm? I am dying to get a bag in this gorgeous color.

    Thanks again ;)
  2. I've dealt directly with fact I think they have my credit card info on file. I imagine, that isn't very different from your situation. So far (and I don't plan on having any;)), I have had no issues when it comes to security of financial info.. I don't use AM regularly...but I would imagine they have fraud protection like MC/VISA. If there are unauthorized charges, wouldn't you have fraud protection? If you are not sure, I'd ask my cc company just to confirm. If you do have fraud protection...using your cc is the most secure way of purchasing both onlin and over the telephone. Good Luck! Keep us updated on your new bbag:biggrin:
  3. Amex is REALLY good about removing charges if you report fraud. I don't use them much because I work for one of the other big credit card companies, but I use my Amex for stuff that I think is iffy. I think you can even fill out the report online with them and track the progress, if I remember right.

    I just faxed in a form to BalNY yesterday for an order as well. It's very common in the US. I think for any reputable retailer, your chance of fraud is very low. People don't want to lose their jobs over it.