bal NY got the BG 08

  1. i just got a call from daphne and my BG 08 city is innnnn! :yahoo:
  2. Ahhh crap....I gotta call tomorrow now....I thought I was wayyyyyy up on the list for the exact same bag!
  3. ^ really? hmm i called like 3 weeks ago for the pink and yellow and they said i was REALLY early. muahaha~
  4. I called when powderpuff posted the this must've been about 4-5 weeks ago!!!! Actually 10/16 to be precise.
  5. don't worry twiggers! have faith, i know there's a bubblegum city with your name on it! :smile:
  6. It makes me want to call and get mad at them LOL I am just so used to LV waitlist where first to call is the first to get the bag!
  7. hmm that's weird! =( you should call them now and tell them twiggers. do you know who you spoke to?
  8. Yup I have his name...are they still open?
  9. ^ aghh no they're closed right now =(
  10. does anyone know if the accessories are in too??
  11. i think someone posted about this too in the shopping forum?
  12. is the sky blue in too????
  13. I want to see pics!!!!! Does anyone have pics from BalNY?
  14. I did. its was posted on the other thread for magenta and vert thyme. Think its the fourth or fifth page...