Bal NY, do they carry bags from previous season?

  1. I'm looking for a cornflower work. Do you guys think Bal NY holds on to bags from past seasons? I'm on the eBay watch but the prices are pretty much retail so I thought maybe the boutique may have it. Has any had any luck purchasing older bags from the Bal store?
  2. yup balny still has bags left from previous seasons. give them a call and they'll let you know what they have!
  3. thank you feifei! i'm totally jumping my save first buy later promise to myself, but what the heck..

    i was under the impression that they only carry the new stuff. one day i'll learn :biggrin:
  4. i know what you mean! but with bbags, you don't know when another dream bag will come around so you have to snatch it when you can!
  5. Their backroom has hidden treasures of all older colors/styles. I'm pretty sure they don't have the Cornflower Work (but still double check!) but I think they might have a Cornflower Weekender.

    Have you tried your local Neiman Marcus? Have them locate one for you...I think they have it under the color code BLEUET. And I recall my friend mentioning that they still have one.
  6. ICB: That backroom sounds too good to be true! Wonder if that Ink Work I have been waiting for is hiding within those treasures:confused1:

    Melissa: Best of luck in your search for Cornflower:yes:
  7. I just called yesterday looking for an Ink Day, they didn't have it in the Day but did have a few other styles, so obviously they do keep older styles. Good luck!!
  8. I saw a Cornflower work at NM in Short Hills NJ not that long ago. Ask for Lee.
  9. Not sure about the work, Siri, they might have a Weekender though.
  10. thank you all so much! unfortunately montreal doesn't have a NM, we do have a holt's but no balenciagas are sold there, sadly. i'm keeping my color options open, i just desperately need something that can fill the cornflower void. a blue.. a red would do as well :yes:
  11. Does anyone know if BalNY has an Ink or Anthracite City?
  12. not sure if it's appropriate to post this here but does BalNY only sell to the US & Canada? They don't have a website to view the stock that they currently have right?
  13. Any discount for past season stuff? I'm looking for city bag or first bag..