Bal NY Credit Question ...

  1. When you send a bag back does the SA at Bal NY send you a receipt or some form of paperwork that you have a Credit ???
  2. No, but I'm going to request one in the future because they don't seem to have a good system. Both of my bags that I returned for credit were not in the computer.
  3. Oh wonderful! (sarcasm!)

    I think I will call Daisy tomorrow and ask her to send me SOMETHING ??? She also said she was going to send me the new 07 Color Swatches and hasn't...hmmph!
  4. If Joseph would have walked off the job I think I'd be SOL. He knew I returned my bags but no one else did.
  5. I mailed a bag back to BNY and did received a credit slip about a week later.

  6. Me too, but I requested that they send me some sort of receipt.

    Hi LIve!...getting lots of compliments on my beautiful magenta :love: