Bal Newbie's all grown up!!!!!

  1. My gift to you: Your very own Forum Thread!

    May the purse gods bless you with a ballroom full of Balenciaga bags.
  2. yeah!!!! i pray for u too girl :p
  3. Hope your prayers come true and filter down to me! :yes: Just checked my fedex tracking number and my VERY FIRST BAL (06 Sapin Twiggy) is on its way to me. WHIPPEE!!!
  4. Oh, Monsoon! Great color choice for that style! You're going to love it...

    Post pix when you get her!
  5. Aww, highgloss, you're such a doll! My very own thread! AND a whole ballroom full of Bbags! It's too much, I would pass out from happiness!

    My Bbag stress at the moment revolves around how to deal with my BalNY store credit (I'm dumb, I didn't realize no returns, SA insisted she told me before I bought, but she didn't, oh well). I'm in a bbag rut at the moment, no clue what I want!

    But my very own thread made me feel better, thanks again highgloss!! :smile: :heart:
  6. You're welcome!

    As for your store credit, don't sweat it. My SA didn't tell me boo about returns/credits before I bought my first bag. And another SA didn't say anything before I bought my second bag. So there! They're definitely not ruining the purchase experience by telling people they can't return the merchandise. However, now they owe you a bag. How nice!

    Just wait -- the right bag will come to you, and you'll know it instantly. And then you'll be able to call them up and get it in a flash. If nothing rocks your world right now, F/W colors should be coming out in about 6 months...hee, hee...
  7. I know but 6 months is soooooo long to wait, I wish I liked something from spring but I don't like any of it at all! I just want the $$ now!!!