Bal Newbie with some question abt the Cruise and Courrier

  1. I usually lurk in LV but i have been expiriencing balenciaga lust soo...

    Regarding the cruise (i looked in the style ref library) does anyone have a modeling pic. Does this bag come in GHW? I saw one online and it looked like a very oversized meesenger but then again i finally tried on a city last week and it looked luaghably smaller than in pictures.

    Regarding the courrier. Is the strap adjustable? Im over 6 feet tall and i don't want it look ridunkculous on me. Does this bag come in ghw?

  2. The Courier does have an adjustable strap and it's only in regular hardware. It also comes in two sizes.......a regular size which is a large bag that can be worn messenger and a XL which is very big. I would imagine with your height, the XL would look great on you. I'm 5'5" and it's too big as an everyday bag for me. I have the regular size. You may want to check out the Clubhouse section. There's a Courier thread with modeling pics of the regular size Courier. I believe the XL is about 3 inches wider than the regular size. But the bag is designed to slouch. As long as it's not stuffed, it slouches and conforms to your body. Good luck!
  3. Thankyou. I'll check that out.
  4. Are there any modeling pics of the Courrier XL and/or pics in general. I tried to search but XL is too short.
  5. Do a title search and put in courier. They should come up under that. I believe a couple girls purchased the XL and posted modeling pics. I think it was too big for them though.
  6. Thanks :heart: I'm totally gonna get myself one