Bal Newbie Needs Your Advice: City or Work?


Which 'work' appropriate bag should I buy?

  1. The Balenciag City

  2. The Balenciag Work

  3. Other - please suggest

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  1. Hi There!

    I am a reforming Chloe addict :p

    I am looking for a bag that is a) comfortable to carry, b) looks good empty *and* full, c) can hold at least an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper

    Plus, stylish :love: I work in a high-tech company, mostly from home. But when I do go into the office I'd like to carry something that looks professional and can hold a file folder if need be. I have a Palm TX and am trying to get out of the folio bit but occassionally I print pages that need to be carried home.


    Any and all advice on the City v Work styles would be great.

    I have read the threads on the city and work but just wondering what your advice to me might be.

    CHEERS :flowers:
  2. So I voted for the Work since it's my favorite. Lots of room for everything.

    But when you get a chance check out the PART TIME style. It's somewhere in between the city and the work.
  3. I saw the title and got really confused for a half second, thinking "really, I need advice on this??"
    Definitely the Work!
  4. LOL :p

    I have been lusting after a Balenciaga for months now!!

    After that I am liable to get BOTH :nuts:

    I have heard that the work is hard to fit over your shoulder- true??

    I am fairly petite (5'5" size 4)
  5. Work or Weekender!
  6. I chose City... very nice sized bag for your first one.

    Then as you get more obsessed you can go bigger and better!
  7. i would go with the city.
  8. What about colors??

    I'm not an apple green or fushcia kinda girl.

    I love the white, black, and blues, plus the reds, but I already have a rouge Chloe...

    Here is my current bag family to give an idea of what I already have (plus a craie loaf):

  9. Get the work! :nuts: I think you should get it in Black since you don't seem to have any black bags :smile:
  10. Wow girl... you better be careful!

    Once you get a light-weight Balenciaga you may not want those heavy paddy's anymore...

    It's a story that I have heard MANY times on the Balenciaga forum!!

  11. ... I went the other way round turned from Bal to Chloé:p ! And I really think you can love both. Bal is more casual, Chloé a bid more dressy IMHO. And they are really not as havy as I I am :love: with my "new" choco paddy so maybe I'm blinded.

    hmwe46 Welcome over here you will love Bal!

    What you question is concerned:

    Yes the work is hard to fit over the shoulder but a great size for a work bag, but I think a city would be too small for your needs.:sad:
    The weekender is a possibility as well but maybe a bid too big, looks better filled than empty but slouches so nicely.
    Now I am biased because I want a WE myself.

    I agree with incoralblue the PART TIME is another option.

    What colors are concerned, black is always great but I personally love greige which is a wonderful neutral color which would be a great addition to your Chloé's and literally goes with everything:yes:

    For your first Bal I really would advice to check them out in a store first to see what suits you!
  12. totally agree!!!
  13. ^^ you need to get the work girl!!! :wlae:

    p.s. the city's too small for carrying documents