Bal Newbie Here: Looking for a Courrier or Messenger Bag... Where can I find one???

  1. Hello Ladies.... I've been a long time Balenciaga fan, but I still don't own any bags:sad:. I'm looking for a courrier or messenger bag, but I'm not sure what year they are from and where I can find one. Can anyone help me?? PLEASE!! Are there any reputable eBay sellers that you guys can refer me to?:shrugs: Thanks in advance...:tup:
  2. Bal NY has couriers, and Neiman Marcus in Newport Beach has flat messengers.
  3. Aloha Rag (email to inquire) may still have a few couriers, and they do pop up on eBay on occasion. If you find one on there, I suggest posting on the Authenticate This Balenciaga thread so that you're sure you're getting the real deal.
  4. Most NM's have color options in the flat messengers. It is a great bag. Hangs great.