Bal moto jackets pics & chat

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  1. What a sweetheart!

    Looking good! Keep!

    Nice colour!

    Looking good! I'm still wearing my thick winter coats... :p

    And Meg, I hope Beau and you are feeling ok now.
  2. Megt:I am so sorry to hear about Beau, what a terrible story.Hopefully all will come well in shortly time and for now it was good that Beau had some pounds too much, maybe if not, it would have come to a very bad situation for him.Glad to hear that the woman who owns the dog was quickly trying to help and take the costs for the vet.So all the best to you and poor little Beau.

    Justpeachy:Just to have quickly to join in and sending you big congrats to your beautiful daughter.She is just a little princess, so cute and sweet.I am just in love ...All the best to you both!!!
  3. HarperQuinn:Oh no, do not think on selling the beautiful black on black jacket, it looks such as great on you and i am sure
    you would regret it.

    Annanas:Love your look, cranberry is made for you!!!
  4. I'll PM you.

  5. Mind over matter :p
  6. My one and only moto. It is 2 degrees here but I wanted to wear Muscade! No makeup and threw my hair up and I figured what better way to make myself presentable than throwing on my moto:

  7. you look great L2Run in yuor muscade! No makeup/hair needed! Great pairing with the scarf.
  8. Luv, this jacket was made for you!!! You rock it :smile:
  9. I just received the most luscious new to me 08 brown. I've always read about the older leathers but OH EM GEEE! Its like a soft pillowy blanket of leather that you never want to take off. Even better than khaki. Why would they have ever stopped using this leather!!!
  10. congratulations, finer! I am a super fan of 08! so happy for you :smile::smile::smile:
  11. pics please!!
  12. Did anyone here buy that 07 black on eBay? If so, I hate you! Just kidding, but just a little. ;)
  13. super gorgeous leather
  14. congrats FW, any pics?
  15. You look fabulous Anna!
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