Bal moto jackets pics & chat

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  1. I'd say it's more brown than gray


    I've posted this pic before....but here is a comparison of asphalt, ash and safari...hth

  2. Gorgeous!! I tried to send you a pm but your box is full:sad: I had a question about cranberry.

  3. Clear!!! :smile:
  4. I ran across your post. What happened to your Beau was so similar to my Rufus (avatar). I had both Poms en route to a dog park, we were in a car and making our way to the entrance. A huge dog was defending his Pom companion (weird right) broke free from the owner and ran towards Rufus with teeth flashing. Rufus too was yanked up into the air before a muzzle could adequately chomp down.

    Walking little dogs is highly challenging. Were you wearing a moto? The one in the pic?
  5. Just happy you're Ok and that your babies are Ok too. It could have been worse but fortunately, it wasn't.

    Thank God.
    Take care Meg!!
  6. Thank you Cats! Right about the emergency vet. We go to VCA as our regular vet. We love them open 24 hrs everyday. Things like this always happen on weekends or at night when regular vets are closed. We wanted a vet clinic that always would know us when we came in with our babies. Sure enough most of our visits have been on the weekend.
    That is so scary to hear that your dogs were attacked on their own property by a pitbull. Shows you can never be too careful.
    I love that scarf. I hope you get it! If you don't let me know and I will keep an eye out for you.
    This Pit was probably dumped in our neighborhood. She didn't have it long enough to know anything about it. I am glad it's gone. Ran into a coyote this morning with Nick. He was on the smallish side and honestly they scare me less than some of the big dogs from the neighborhood with owners that don't know what they are doing. There is no such thing as a bad dog just bad owners. Nick btw knew enough not to bark at it.
  7. She has 3 dogs and was fostering this 4th dog. She was keeping it in the atrium which many of the houses here have on the interior. We used most of our atrium space to expand the master bath. My guess is that she had some idea the pit was dog aggressive. Otherwise she would have let it in the house with her other dogs.
  8. I swear I think that she is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. Wow, you could put that child in baby formula commercials. Congratulations on your angelic looking little girl.
  9. :love:
    Yep Beau is stoic. He doesn't wince when I clean his wound and takes his meds like a good boy. Actually the wound is bigger than it originally looked when I sent you the pic. I get traumatized looking at it.
    Hear ya on the skunks. We have a hill behind our house and the coyotes and skunks both use the animal path. When they do at the same time it is very unpleasant. Our coyotes are mostly smallish but we have had a few that look like they were a mix with something else and were much larger than normal.
  10. Love it on you HQ!
    I hear ya about the guilt part. The fit looks perfect from here. Can't say anything except by more v necks the:p. if you feel like you look butch add a little extra makeup, heels and killer earrings.;)
    Well I kept feeling everywhere. I was watching for shock too especially since he is 16 years old.
    My vet told me to use peroxide to clean the wound out. She left it open instead of stitching it up so it can drain and heal but I am keeping a close eye on it for inflammation or infection.
  11. Wow,you look amazing. I don't think it is Bordeaux though. Whatever it is you look fantastic in it.

    Thank you Oreo. He seems to be ok. Though he has lost his joyful air about him when he is outside. Even a little Yorkie scared him today. I hope he gets over that. He was always so good with other dogs in the neighborhood.
    That's it Margaux. I have the SQ Bordeaux and it is much darker.
  12. I like this one on her. Don't care for her but she looks good there.
  13. Actually I was in fuzzy pj bottoms with dogs on them, t-shirt an Uggs. So stylish I know. I was already having a bad day :sad: the most stylish I was all weekend was for my trip to the vet. How sad is that.
    I am glad that Rufus escaped injury. I hope that Beau gets his little swagger back.
  14. Thank you PBDB, I miss seeing you here.
  15. Poor sweet Beau! I am happy to hear he will make it through. Is there anything the vet said in particular to do for him in terms of his emotional trauma? Extra hugs, hold off on walking? He must be shocked and scared.
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