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  3. I know!
    Went to the pound and will probably be put down.
    She will pay the vet bill and the dog has gone. Even still 1 dog at a time from now on.
    She just wasn't strong enough to hold her. Shw was huge and powerful.
    I am so sorry about your little dog. We regularly see coyotes here. I once opened my garage door and there was one standing there just stareing at me and Beau. I had to scream at it to get it to leave. Poor Beau seems to always be there for the drama.
  4. +1!
  5. oh meg! I'm so sorry. This happened to my dogs when I was in high school. They were on our front porch. Pitbull down the street got loose and attacked them. It was very scary and it was touch and go with them as he got one of my dogs by the throat. thank goodness for emergency vets right? many hugs and kisses to little Beau. I hope you all feel better soon.
  6. It is a pre-owned scarf with teddy bears on it. My boyfriend tried to call the shop to get it as a gift, I am not sure if he was able to get it. I hope so because- well teddy bears!
  8. they are quite powerful dogs but i have met some amazingly sweet ones as well. they are very loyal and protective. Unfortunately If they aren't trained or if they are abused things like this happen :sad:
  9. cookie I'm sorry to hear that :sad:. We have coyotes as well in the north east. They are different than the ones in the west because they cross breed with wolves so they look like small German shepherds. Are the ones in the Midwest like that?
  10. I am glad she is paying your vet bill and she sounds genuinely upset this happened to Beau. I hope he mends very soon and is able to get over such a traumatic situation.

    Wow, fostering three dogs at once. That takes a lot of time. But, I am sure she must have known that the pit bull was aggressive. She must have. It is sad to hear the pit bull is probably going to be put down. But, if she is dangerous there is no telling what could happen. Sad, but better safe.

    I am just sorry that dogs like this get aggressive due to with irresponsible people. Then the dog ends up paying for it.

  11. Meg- so sorry to hear about beau. That is terrifying. Glad you and misha are ok. I don't know what I would have done in that situation. So scary.

    As requested, here is a pic of the new addition to our family. We took photos last week and the digital proofs are in :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393897622.300758.jpg
  12. She is so beautiful! Congrats! What a special time:smile:
  13. Your baby is gorgeous!
  14. Oh my goodness, she is soooooo adorable! She is gorgeous, congrats on your new baby. Enjoy your "babymoon"!
  15. Omg peachy, she's precious! I'm so happy for you, congrats again!
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