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  1. New thread :smile:

    Wore Marine out a few days ago. I'm still so undecided about this jacket since being so tempted by outremer and all the various navy jackets out there. The leather is now super soft and wrinkly, and I do love being able to layer a hoodie underneath. But there's just something about the colour in some lights that's a bit... milky?! I wore her out because I was feeling guilty for neglecting her, but I'm not really feeling the love these days.

    I would miss the relaxed fit of the 40 though. Beginning to wonder whether I should have sized up with Cypress so that I could layer a bit more.

    I've noticed that 38 Cypress is shorter in the body than my 38 Choc too...
    Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 16.58.16.png Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 16.58.27.png Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 16.58.38.png Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 16.58.59.png
  2. I love this jacket but I would say the color is a little flatter/subdued than outremer. I personally think its easy to coordinate outfits with a color like that.

  3. Gorgeous!! :smile: how strange that cypress seems shorter in the body....i don't recall thinking that when I tried it on in the store yesterday....
  4. I like the Marine on you it flatters your complexion and it is easy to wear. What is the difference between Marine and Outremer color wise?
  5. it looks great on you i think. i don't have the outremer to compare but this looks great on you.
  6. meregirl-thank you for your kind words. the sleeve length hasn't been altered but they were tightened so maybe thay makes a difference?
    happy christmas to you all!
  7. Love the relaxed fit (and how motos look layered over goodies!). I see what you mean about the "milky" look but still think she is beautiful. If you're not feeling the love, though, best to let her go and get another HG! ;)
  8. Well the sleeves do look great!!

    Yes a very merry Christmas to you all from the snowy French Alps!
  9. I love this color on you and love that it has the black zips!
  10. Love, love it on you jo! Leather is sooo yummy! Would like to know how is the colour compared to outremer too!
  11. I agree, it is 'flatter'. It is easy to coordinate too, but feels a bit 'meh'. I sort of wish the colour were just a bit stronger.

    It may well be that choc is just a bit longer? I should get my tape measure out!

    Thank you x

    Yes... I think in the new year I'll have a good think about my moto family!
  12. Thanks Ladies. I saved these pics from JDN and Meg. I originally bought marine because I was after a jacket that looked like courtney cox's (08 Navy, just like drati's!) and at the time marine was the closest I could find! But it is just much too light really.
    Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 22.53.55.png Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 22.54.46.png
  13. It looks gorgeous on you.
  14. OK, so the outremer is more saturated and has silver zips.
    Thank you for the pictures.:smile:

    ETA: I still like the marine though.
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