Bal MOTO JACKETS Pics & Chat!

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  1. Awww shucks.....thanks christy!!!

    Am blushing (to articulate it), thanks H_addict!!!

    Ok this really makes my head balloon up, thanks green!!!

    Thanks my dear!!!

    I paired the patent blue Tribs with my NQ. Thanks for making me feel good, dragonette !!! Hope Vienna more than makes up for your Paris trip.
    Enjoy and keep warm and chic in your moto!!! You looked so pretty btw!!!

    You make me smile JDN!! Am wearing the most subdued dress from my other DVf dresses. I had to look a bit sober in my business-look choice for this event and upped it of course with our beloved quilted moto!!!:smile:

    Thanks cookie!!!

    Wonderful comment, smiling even more now from ear to shining ear!!:biggrin: thanks petot!!!

    Thanks my dear magjes!!!

    Thanks my dearmeg!! From the mouth of our shoe queen, that's a nice compliment!! And your super sweet generous comment, is not that shabby either.:p seriously, thank you for your wonderful comments!!!

    Saw your casual chic look, and I am honestly loving this more and more on you!, Makes you look ever so young, fresh and carefree which we all aspire to be always despite whatever age or state of mind we find ourselves in.

  2. My dear friend, what a beauty your are my dear :smile: you are so very pretty, classy and chic!! You wear the jacket to perfection:biggrin: I adore the tribs, they are so sexy!!
    I hope you have been super fine since we last talked!! I am so busy with studies till late in the evening.
    All the best my super sweet dear:smile:
  3. Margeaux Fr 44 on eBay
  4. Late to the show, but pbdb you look beautiful :hbeat:
  5. Hey my dearest P, missed you so much but I wanted to be less present in our communication to you since I know you are very much in the thick of your studies and I understand completely how grueling and demanding this can be.
    Know that in my heart, that I am always thinking about you and will be praying for your success!!!

    Your words have always warmed my heart deeply, I am really lucky to have your valuable friendship.

    Study well my dear and let no one and nothing distract you from your goals.
    Your life is about to begin a totally different chapter and you are about to realize your dreams one by one and very soon.
    I feel and know that you are a very special person and meant to do great things.
    All the best and biggest hugs!!! :smile:
  6. Hey miu, there is no such thing in this thread about being "late" in replies or reaction. The way this thread goes by soo fast, it's part of the charm and allure!! I appreciate your sweet comment, thank you!!!
  7. Is the camel on eBay authentic??.
  8. pbdb -- stunning
  9. sorry
  10. At a quick glance it looks OK to me. But will have closer look.
  11. Thanks *D*
  12. Oh my dear friend I am so very touched by your words. I missed you too my friend. I thought about you too and always hoped you are very fine and all is well with you and your lovely family.

    Right now I am still looking for words because I am so moved by what you said about me.
    I send you a message to your email a bit later when I found my words:smile:

    You are wonderful:hugs:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.