Bal MOTO JACKETS Pics & Chat!

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  1. Eilene: It's a shame that the beautiful jackets were treated like this. If i may ask, what was the leather condition/cleaner trying to accomplish? How did he treat them that causes such damage and fading? Chemicals? Rough treatment?
    Do they know how much $ and love you put into them? Oh boy, sorry don't want to upset you, but it's hard to believe someone would do this. Obviously they are not an expert on this service.
  2. And my pine green which is really easy to wear.

    I'm tossing up whether to get ardoise but I'd also like to try a quilted moto. If only I had more money.....


  3. Thanks!
  4. What a great color, and you carry it so well. Perfect!
  5. I am the exact same way. First impressions are never accurate for me...I must look and think about things for a while before I form my opinion (I typically wear my new purchases weeks or months later!!).
  6. Eilene: glad to hear you're sending them to your tailor...hopefully he works his magic! Can't wait to see your new jacket!!

    h_addict: I'd say you were a stylin' stand-in coach!! ...hopefully the opposing team's colours were not red and black haha :smile:

    Woody: you should take your bright red more often, it looks smashing on you :smile: great colour!

  7. Eilene I hope you will love your new sienna fonce and it will fit you the way you like it so it will compensate the big disappointment with the cleaners.
    I keep my fingers crossed !
  8. I am glad that there is still hope that your tailor can bring your jackets back to wearable condition. Thanks goodness Balenciaga leather is the best quality so hopefully with lots of wear it will be nicely re-broken in and will be soft and drapey again.

    I keep my fingers crossed for this as well as for two toned quilted to fit you well.
    big hugs to you Eilene:hugs:
  9. Thanks HC113 it is great colour though it wasn't very popular when it came out. Sometimes I just have to think about what to wear with it. I need to branch out from jeans too:thinking:
  10. I can feel you pain Eilene seeing your jacket in this condition.
    Hopefully the leather will soften and will not stick out anymore and will stay in place like it use to be.
  11. I love it on you :woohoo::woot::nuts:. Loooove it!!! The whole look is so relaxed, cool and laidback, right from my book.
  12. I have notice the same. After few too quick decisions which I regretted later I am finally aware that I need to sleep on a 'problem' sometimes even more than one night:p.
    As far as clothes are concern there are some pieces that grew on me and I like them to death now.
    At the beginning I didn't like the quilted jacket at all and now adore it.
  13. I really love the pine, I'm regretting not buying one that was for sale on eBay a while ago; both the red and pine fit you so well and the grey zippers look fab. I think you would look great in a quilted :smile:
  14. You look gorgeous:smile: I like how this beautiful red color elevates whole outfit yet still keeping it casual and simple.

    Pine is so rare and it is so good to see this a pretty and versatile neutral on you. Leather on both your jackets is divine, so supple and chewy.

    I love both looks!:cloud9:
  15. Thank you guys. I got lucky with both of these jackets. I got them from E for great deals. I don't think I could pull the trigger on full price but if I stopped making random purchases I could probably afford to buy what I really want :p.

    Bargain quilted navy, black, anthra, beige jacket come to mama :search: (Not all of them just one!)
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