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  1. More Cat Deeley in her yummy broken in S/S 2010 camel jacket and Kristen Stewart in her quilted:
    cat out and about.jpg cat deeley airport 4.jpg cat deeley airport 3.jpg Kristen_Stewart_at_Live_With_Regis_And_Kelly_.jpg
  2. New thread! Evidence of our obsession.

    I have a question, please. I was in self-exile during fall/winter 2010, so I lack some information. Okay, so Cat D's jacket is spring camel with brass zippers. What season is higgings, the jacket Meg has posted in her cropped version? Is it fall 2010, with leather like the lead zip jackets, or was it a season later? Silver zips, right? Thanks!
  3. Thank you H!
    It seems Kristen pierced her black quilted with an 80s button?! :shocked:
  4. Oh man, Cat's camel jacket is so yummy and fits her like a glove!
    But, I wonder if she can zip up? :smile:
  5. Higgins [I believe] is from S/S 2011. It has dark (almost black/steel) zips.
  6. Rollergirl: we need to see some modelling pics of briwn quilted jacket, PLEASE?!
  7. So,i have managed to see the militaire jacket and i must say it is too similar to my khaki 2010 with brass zippers.There is really only a small difference and the only thing is, that the new militaire has silver zippers.The colour is not as dark as on the picture from Balenciaga, so you see, it is very difficult to tell how the colours look like only from pictures.There is really no need to buy this , if you have the khaki 2010, or if you did not like this colour.So sorry...grrrr!!!
  8. Rollergirl:Yes, the higgins is from 2011.Are you thinking to get one;)???And i agree, we need some model pictures of the brown quilted and i would say, also with the cobalt quilted!!!
  9. H-Addict:Oh i love the camel jacket and the yummy leather.Sooo soft..., looks really phantastic on Cat Deeley!!!

  10. Baerlie it is good that you had an opportunity to see the jacket in real life and you spared your self a big disappointment.
  11. I didn't know there is a brow quilted and I cannot wait to see it.
  12. So r u gonna get moutard?
  13. JDN:No, i think i will wait, the moutard is not really a colour for me and i am not sure, if i would wear, id i had it.Maybe the new biker jacket will be good for me, when the shoulders is a little smaller, that would be great...

    GreenBee.Yes you are right, what a luck, that i did not order the militaire...puh!!!

    Megt10:You are looking really cool with your khaki jacket and the trousers which matches just perfect to this style!!!You was right, khaki 2010 and militaire 2012 are too similaire to own both.
  14. Thanks! I was looking at photos and the zipper color was confusing me, so I wasn't sure which season. The color was all over the map, too, in different photos, so I'm assuming it's more like Meg's pics, a fairly light brown/camel.
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