bal Mini mini first charms?

  1. Hi again! Does anybody know anywhere that has these cute charms at?! And (if this is permitted to ask, if not please delete thread/comment) how much do they cost? Thanks!
  2. It's 10th Anniversary piece. I saw it popped up from time to time on eBay, bonanza and resellers' sites. I hope you will find it. Good luck!
  3. Yeah I saw a few too! You wouldn't happen to know the price of one would you? Because I read somewhere on the forum (don't remember where though) that most on eBay/bonz were overpriced /:
  4. It was like $390, I think. I don't remember exactly. Even when they were sold in Bal boutiques, they were flied out very quickly. It's hard to find them for sure! Good luck.
  5. And do you know if Even the lizard embossed charms cost $390 or are they more? Thanks for helping! :smile:
  6. So I emailed Steve of bal SCP and this was his reply! Just in case anyone was interested! Sadly he doesn't have the fluo pink that I want but I do see some other potential colors! :graucho:
  7. Wow, I didn't know they are still makeing it!:nuts: Great job to find it out, misnicoleeee! Maybe an other Bal boutique has fluo pink. Good luck!
  8. I so want a Violet one....wonder if they ship internationally.....
  9. The BAL-NYC boutique had TONS of them (quite literally, an entire drawer full of them - both past year/seasons & current).

    Yes, the retail on these is $345; sadly .. most of the ones that you see on the *bay, B*Z or other sites are way overpriced.

    Remember, however, that there are 2 kinds:
    1) The ones created for the 10-year anniversary (have the plaque in the back which indicate as such)
    2) The ones made after the above (S/S 2011, F/W 2011)

    Might want to check out the 10-Year Anniversary "Club" thread; I've posted quite a few of my MMF's there! Love 'em!
  10. Thanks!! Do you or anybody happen to have an SA at bal NY that I could email to ask? :smile: please pm me their email!

    Edit: and I saw all your bags and mini charms in your collection thread and they're all TDF!!!! :smile: I bag envy you hehe
  11. Oh, my goodness--those are cute, but too expensive for me. I got 3 of these in different colors on Etsy for $35 each.
    Aquamarine bal 001_opt.jpg

  12. oooooh yours are cute too! they're so tiny!! :smile:
  13. Thank you;)--I know, the detail is so great--the artist who makes them is very talented.