Bal Milan report

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  1. Hi everyone -

    I went to Bal Milan today and it was a really nice experience. The store opened a week ago and it is really gorgeous and sparkly new inside...kind of has a space-age-y feel (and sound), white walls, blue light, interesting fixtures, very clean lines and sparse looking. Clothes on the first floor, bags and shoes and "VIP room" (where there are a few limited edition dresses and expensive looking jewelry) upstairs.

    It was probably because the store JUST opened and they're new and everything but all of the SAs were unbelievably friendly. Someone came and opened the door for me to come in because I was holding my puppy in my arms. Three greeted me immediately with big smiles and one followed me up to the bags and basically gave me a tour of the new space.

    There were no A/W '07 bags in (:crybaby:) so alas, I will have to wait to play with cinnamon and ocean, but there were lots of S/S '07 bags out. Off the top of my head: Aqua GH PT, White GH Brief, Rouille RH Day, Vert Gazon RH Day, Sandstone Shoulder, BG Messenger, Marine Courier, I think White/Linen City or PT, accessories in Sandstone and White, and lots more....sorry if I'm misremembering anything...

    Anyhoo, they said they would call me when the new colors come in (mid-July supposedly) but I might need to go back before then just to look around...maybe a Money? :nuts: Also, I wanted to take a pic of the outside to show you guys but as I was leaving some people were getting busted for having their cameras out inside the store and were getting the boot - so I decided not to chance it then. Maybe later...

  2. Sounds like you had a nice time at the store! Too bad they did not have anything from F/W 07 yet!
  3. WOW! I was looking forward to hearing some news about the Milan store :smile: Your experience sounds pretty good!!! I can't wait checking it out myself :yes: Thanks a lot for your report.
  4. Sounds like a fun day! Wish I could have been there with you....:yes:
  5. oops! posted in the general forum - sorry! thanks for moving it :heart:
  6. Thank you for your report!

    I'm looking forward to visiting the store too, I will go next week! :biggrin: