Bal ME envelope clutch of LV Ana?

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  1. Greetings tpf'ers! I am in need of a clutch for attending weddings and special occasions. I have a dilemma in choosing between an LV Ana or a Bal ME clutch. I have plenty of LVs already and really love the vernis. I only have one Bal part-time an older model in the Rose Gold in anthracite. I love how they both look and think either one can be used to serve the purpose. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance.
  2. I dont have a metallic edge clutch but I do have it in Gold mGH. I can use it semi-formally with the strap and semi/full formal as a clutch. Works great for me both ways! Some other ladies here like @Dextersmom have clutches too...[​IMG][​IMG]
  3. These 2 pics are TOTAL PERFECTION....GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! The way you are carrying the clutch dear Rx looks so elegant & chic! And oh those rockstuds.....TDF & drooling!!!!
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  4. Hi lvfanaddict! Funny how you mention your Anthra w/rose gold because that's my clutch below in same colors. I didn't think I'd like mine as much as I actually do & was quite hesitant buying it only because it's larger than all of my other clutches but I totally enjoy using it now so my little vote goes for a Bal clutch ( not familiar with the LV Ana) & the Bal metal edge clutches are gorgeous!!! Good luck ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466853347.098068.jpg oh & rx4dsoul is right- Dextersmom has them & always looks gorgeous so hopefully she will weigh in here too!
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  5. Thank you are way too kind with words! Yeah I know youre in on some Bal clutch action too. :smile: i love the was the color I initially wanted as I had way too much black already (no gray-ish bag yet) but I couldnt find one and the new grays were not working for me.
  6. Just saw this post....sorry for the late reply. Yes, as our lovely rx said I have 2 Bal clutches; black with rhw and gris aluminum with rhw. I love them both and feel they can be somewhat dressy, but the vibe is more casual chic & edgy, though they they can be dressed up or down. They also hold a ton, way more than your typical clutch. I am not an LV fan (sorry) but I love my clutches. YSL & Jimmy Choo also have some lovely clutch options, imo. Good luck deciding! :heart:
  7. Thanks all for responding! Fortunately I was able to purchase both
    I was lucky and found a new one from a reputable seller on eBay in the Bleu Roi color. I can't wait for it to arrive!
  8. Wow great finds looking forward to seeing them
  9. Lovely shoes and bag!
  10. Here are my two new babies. The LV Ana in pomme d'amour and Balenciaga ME Clutch in Bleu Roi. I ❤️ Them both

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  11. Wowza!!! Both so gorgeous... but the Bal is the bomb!!!
    Here is a sreencap of your clutches...cant view them directly on your post.
  12. Thanks rx4dsoul!
  13. BEAUTIFUL new "Babies" of yours! Love both colors...Congrats!:heart::smile: