Bal makes so wonderful colors why am I such a chicken when it comes to wearing them?

  1. It's all in the title. I love Bal colors :heart:and can't stop admiring the RV's, FB's Violets , Jaunes etc...but when it comes to buying or actually wearing them I am such a chicken. Bought an RV city a while back and just loved it but actually nearly never wore it and ended up selling it , same happened to rouille and emerald which never left their dustbag.

    Now I am hesitating between violine sgh and VF daughters tell me to get the violine, my eyes too but I fear I it will go the same way RV went.

    Can anybody relate?
  2. Not me- I use my bags but I protect them first. LMB FHO and then two coats of AG.

    I used AG on my brand new GSH Violet City and it didn't darken it at all- in fact, it made it more broken in which I absolutely love love love!!!

    Hope you find a Violet- they are going to become rare soon.
  3. Maybe colours aren't for you??? Don't worry...I have trouble on the other end of the spectrum! I have no idea how to wear black, white and any brown or red in between. I once bought a RV Courrier and I felt like Santa with his big red sack! I sold that and got a Rouille First. It rubbed me up the wrong way and I was completely grumpy everytime I wore it. Same thing happed with an RV Day. So, I have given up on red's too. I live near the beach now and I also love nature and trees, so I now know I am naturally drawn to greens, blues & yellow sunshine...I love Anthracite, Pine, Vert Gazon, Blueberry, Marine & Jaune...I risked it and bought a Violet and I think it is working for me. It's blue with a hint of red (if you know what I mean...) I don't really see Violet as outside of my usual spectrum.

    Ok, how to style colours...I never wear a Bbag with prints. I loathe prints. I go for classic investment pieces that won't date. I love wearing Violet with a canary yellow sundress and white thongs. What about a bright Bbag with jeans and funky T-shirt? Just keep it simple with a hint of punk. I love wearing Jaune with black jeans and a Ramones Tee! Jaune and black are MFEO! Do you have a pair of Converse? If not, you need 2 and pink. Wear Violet, Blue's & Greens with your pink Converse and Red's, Jaune & pinks with your black Converse...

    Hope this helps...Maybe someone can give me advice on Black & Brown Bbags???

  4. ITA!! I was taking pictures and saw the red in my Violet!
  5. I can totally relate, all my Bbags are dark neutrals, until I got the violet which I have to say is such a breath of fresh air and I have found her surprisingly versatile. I have always loved looking at everyone's else bright gorgeous colours and I must say I am starting to realise that I might be able to pull it off too, all thanks to miss violet, I am finally venturing out!

  6. Frozen_Alaska Just love your violet! What I am concerned I actually don't fear to wear them in the sens of "hurting" them but rather I fear it might look tacky or overdone one me etc....

    KDC Thanks great advice, I like to keep it simple, I do have converse but charcoal (I got the pink for my preteen daughter:p) and jeans.
    I love the look of washed out jeans white T-shirt suede jacket etc...

    I love black, all sorts of blue (not too loud) as well as gray's, brown's, camel's, with jeans.

    Now hubby would love for me to wear more color and it does suit me, think I feel selfconsciouss wearing it. :s

    I add a recent pic so you can get a better idea of what I "look" like.

    girlie: so you think there is hope for me too???:shame:​


  7. There is absolutely hope for you, Cat! I was and to some extent the same way with my b-bags. What helps with me is that I rotate my bag almost every single day. That way I do not have to worry about premature wear on the bag. Some colors hold up like champs though; I wore my Ink Twiggy to a SU football game (in the rain no less) and it still looks perfect.

    I say go for it! They are way to gorgeous to keep in the closet!!
  8. catcat~ I totally misinterpreted the point! Oh- well- girl- rock those bags. I wear mine with just a black North Face fleece and some uggs- the bbag is the focus.
  9. I wear lots of dark neutrals so I can get away with some pop of color, but I don't like very light bags. Blue India is as light as I go!
    I do have a violet step and I love that bag!!
  10. catcat..iknow exactly what u mean...
    I am talking about getting a POP coloured bag since the whole addiction started..(Loved RT,RV,Magenta etc..)
    And now I ended up with black caramel greige olive truffle...
    sigh..But whats a "neutral" girl to do..:heart:
  11. OMG catcat I love that look!!! Don't change it. You could rock colourful Bbags anytime. If you keep it simple, you can!
  12. Oula...I would never have guessed you were a neutrals gal! You always look great in pics...And your colourful Avatar????
  13. Dear Catcat

    I think you look great in your pic. You could absolutely wear a colour bag but as a start what about getting something in ivory? Not black, tan or chocolate but chic and different nonetheless. A bit like Angelina Jolie. She only wears black, grey and white and looks great!

  14. Wow, I am just the opposite. I have more colored bags and no neutrals except my sandstone city, which gets a lot of use because the colored bags (especially in summer) are harder for me to wear. I am purposely buying more neutrals (grays, blacks) so I can wear the colors (after I figure out how to tell my husband I bought them and keep him from murdering me). :smile:
  15. I totally understand what you are going thru. I am more of a neutral girl but I love a lot of the bright colors. Well, over time I have tried brighter yet sutle colors like RT (darker red), Aqua (not as bright as Turq.), Violet (small clutch) and Lilac (small accessory). Maybe you need to start out with buying smaller items in color to go with you bag and not large bags in bright colors. You will slowly but surely start liking brighter colors but you will probably still be more of a neutral person. It's okay though.