Bal like braclet


Apr 5, 2009
Yesterday I got a Michael Kors holiday catalog in the mail and I saw a braclet that immediately reminded me of Balenciaga! It's a leather braclet with gold/silver studs that look just like Bal's RH. I hopped online and ordered 2 of them in the back/gold combo, it's back-ordered so it won't ship till the end of November. Today I ran to Nordies to return some boots and decided to head over to the Michael Kors store to see if they had them in stock and they did. They were really cute and far exceeded my expectations. I was tempted to buy them in person but the town I was in had a much higher tax rate than what I paid for my online order I also used a promo code so I got free shipping too. So I'm going to have to wait for mine but I'm fine with that. I'm sorry I can't seem to copy & paste a pic of them so heres a link about what I'm talking about.

I know it's not a Balbraclet but I'm fully convinced that it's inspired by Bal.:P I just had to share.