Bal Leather Quality

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  1. Hi, I'm a guy and I'm considering making the leap into Bal, I'm thinking about buying a men's Day bag or Courier. But I'm wondering what the quality of leather is like compared to BV or Prada? How does Bal leather age? Any input from you Bal experts is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi there welcome to bal! Well here is my opinion. Bal quality now is not as good as it used to be. I adore BV and it's leather quality as they have always been consistent over the years. The new bal leathers now are thin and rough IMO. All the bals I own are from 2007-2009, they are super soft and smooshy. If I were you I would go for the older bals, find one in mint preowned condition....otherwise you will not be too impressed with the new leathers, especially in comparison to BV. However bal leather texture also differs from bag to bag as this is what makes each bal bag different and unique (this includes bags made in the same year or even the same colour). Do also keep in mind though bal leather in general is a little more fragile then that of BV leather as the purpose of bal bags is the aged vintagey after a while the corners can looked scuffed if you aren't careful, something to take into consideration. I hope this helps and hope to see a reveal soon. I love my bals!
  3. Thanks for your input! I wondered why these men's Bal bags were comparatively cheaper to BV bags - it must be the thinness of the leather. I must ponder this further.
  4. I have never owned nor felt the leather on the men's but I don't think the lower price reflects the quality of thr leather as the women's bag prices have continued to go up while quality goes down (as with many other luxury brands). I know many ladies have owned older courier bags so hopefully they can chime in on the leather quaility as my collection has always consisted of cities and part time.
  5. Personally, I don't think the price of the Men's bags have anything to do with the leather, I think it's simply that Men won't pay as much! It always seems that the Men's (comparative items) are less expensive (hence the reason why i sometimes shop in the Men's Dept! I also don't think they get as wrapped up in trends ("it" bags) like Women.
  6. Thanks Ceejay! I'm moving ever closer to purchasing a men's day bag. I'll probably start off with boring black...but I'm also liking this Encore color on the Bal website but I can't figure out what kind of color it is?!?!? Is it a grey, a brown, some sort of undertone coming thru? or is it something in between?
  7. The Ecorce is an amazing colour, it translates to bark; it reminds me of a bar of milk chocolate.

    IMO the leather varies from each bag, you can pick up two of the same style, colour and from the same season and the leather can varey considerably so if you can have a feel then do so before you purchase. The Ecorce bags I have looked at IRL have very chewey and thick leather, to be honest I have been blown away by the quality of the leather.

    Anyway enjoy searching for your first one; the day is a great bag.
  8. Yea, I love the look of a Day on men! get one!!!!!
  9. Indeed .. I saw this color out at the Bal (LA) boutique in the Giant Clip .. WOW, it's GORGEOUS!!! I would add that, yes .. there is a little bit of a grey/stone undertone to it that makes it really wonderful. I'm still thinking about that Giant Clip!