Bal LA Stock from 4/7/08!!!

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  1. Thank you for update, is there a magenta work?
  2. thanks for the update...did they have any yellow firsts?
  3. I pm'd you about the RH EB Day on ebay it's with a great seller and it's below retail? Why dont' you get that one??
  4. 0o0o thanks for the up-date... hmmm, maybe i should make a trip to Cali.... hehehehe!!!
  5. AR will not take picture of the bag they're sending the buyer. these days when stock arrive they'd take pictures and use it as a standard stock picture if anyone should want to see pictures.

    i asked AR to comment on the recent batch of leathers on the blacks. as with the previous batch, leather's a lil dry.
  6. thanks for the update!