Bal LA Stock from 4/7/08!!!

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  1. I went to the LA store yesterday. They had a ton of bags in the stock room upstairs and some downstairs on display. Unfortunately customers can't go up there so the sales girl has to bring all the bags down. Anyway this is what I remember them having:

    Coral RH Day
    Coral Wallet
    Yellow in all styles
    Thyme in all styles
    Bubblegum First
    Bubblegum City with GGH and RH and probably lots of others in this pink.
    Magenta in lots of styles (can't remember all)
    Black RH City (awful leather)
    Black City with GH
    Actually they had black in pretty much all the styles.
    Electric Blue RH City and with GH
    Electric Blue First
    Pine RH city
    Oxblood? from 06. Bunch of RH cities of that color.
    Emerald RH City
    Sahara RH City
    Juane RH City
    Turquoise in all styles

    Many more. I can't remember them all. I do know they had absolutely no RH Briefs or any Violets :sad:
  2. Thanks for sharing.:flowers: Did they have any part times?
  3. was the BLACK leather awful in all styles? or just the city?
  4. They probably did but I didn't ask to see them. The girl did say that pretty much every new color this season they had in all styles. You should call :smile:

    Ask for Sid. She helped me and was very patient in bringing down tons of bags and looking over the leather. I taught her about Chevre and Agneau though...go figure! But now she knows the difference ;)
  5. The Black Cities with RH were awful awful awful. The ones with GH were better. I only looked at Cities and Firsts yesterday so I'm not sure how the black leather looked on other styles. The black leather on the Firsts were okay...not as good as my new Black First I got at Barneys this weekend though.
  6. Thank you!! I'm thinking about making my next purchase a BLACK WORK with RH but i'm not sure if i want to purchase it w/o looking at it first.
  7. did you see any makeups? Im in search of a coral, eb or jaune or anything bright except magenta??

    thanks for the great report!!
  8. OMG how funny that we have to educate the sas. :lol::lol:Thanks for the info.:heart:
  9. Did they happen to have a RH EB Day?
  10. ^ They may! I didn't ask to see Days though so I'm sorry. The only Day I saw was the RH Coral one because it was on display right at the entrance of the store. They're open another 30 min though if you wanna call and ask.
  11. Did you happen to notice their coin purse stock!?!
  12. wow, I am glad I decided not to get Black City from Bal LA and tried AR instead. Praying AR will have a better leather
  13. were you able to see a picture of it?
  14. Thank you for the update ... I really need to drag my a** down there and check this store out!
  15. Thank you for the update.