Bal irl!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. FINALLY, I saw my first BAL IRL today!!!:yahoo:
    Actually about two dozen!!!
    And I must say they took my breath away!
    I only wish the handles were a little longer on the Work.
    That would be the one I want.
    And I have heard other people talk about how the leather doesnt hold up as well as some others, but I dont care.....BEAUTIFUL bags...
    All you owners, I am ENVIOUS!!!:nuts:
  2. Mdlcal28........... Aren't the colors gorgeous?:love:
  3. I know how u feel!!!
  4. they ARE beautiful!
  5. Whenever you do buy the first one....BEWARE......because it will be the start of an insatiable appetite!! I know, 'cause it happened to me! :yes:
  6. You honestly can't buy just one! Once you find Bals and TPF and learn about all the past colors as well, it becomes an obsesssion!
  7. ^^^ I'm at this stage right now :biggrin:
  8. ha, you're preachin to the choir!
  9. I bought three this month... believe this girl!!!:nuts:
  10. HAH! I second that!
  11. Yep, it never stops with one. Unfortunately.
  12. Totally agree with you! :P

  13. Guilty:yes:
  14. Love em!