Bal Intel - F/W 2011

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Blue paon is :drool:
  2. OMG i looove the neon pet accessories! :yahoo: my little pooch will be glowing in the dark while strutting his stuff on the dog walk :P

    i didn't want Bleu Lavande to be too purple :sad: still excited about OB tho :smile:
  3. Thanks for sharing! Bleu Lavande looks a bit duller in the full pic.. though it could be that yellow lighting..and Cyclamen really looks like Sorbet/Pivoine :down:
  4. ^^^ You got it, roey - I happened to touch base with the buyer for my local Bal store, and she says the same as you - "Orange Brule is more honey, orangey brown".... mmm, delicious, I'm all for it!

    Also saw Militaire and it's lovely - a funny, pale grey-green, but not in the style I am looking for. Hopefully my chosen style will arrive in the next week or so.

    I am glad I held off for so long. "Long" in my Bal calender equates to 10 and half months, but still not as admirably restrained as Mia Bella at 24 months.

    The long wait and everyone kindly posting up swatches as they become available and their opinions and reveals has helped me drastically reduce my 2011 Want List from about seven items in seven different colours, to just three items in three colours- Anthra, Militatire and Orange Brule. After that, I am 90% positive I'll be done for quite a few seasons, and be one of the girls content to view others' tantalizing reveals (roey, your reveals for blues and anthras are the stuff of legends:biggrin:)

    Although I adore Blue Lavande, Atlantique, Papyrus and The New Red, I know I won't wear them as much, so I'll force my head to look the other direction and pass on those:P
  5. i was thinking the same thing. hopefully its just the lighting. the original description of galet-noix would be perfect, imo. this was my one f/w color i was no doubt going to get. hopefully it doesnt disappoint.
  6. YES, that would be. but since i've not gone through a cycle, I am super excited for this fall to catch up on Red and Purple! I just hope that they come in the hardwares and styles I want!

    I was thinking the exact same thing saira! hey sabel, can you move out of the way...? oh never mind, I don't see coquelicot back there anyways....:P
  7. thanks Hypnosis you're the best! Looks like it's Cyclamen and Blue Lavande for me!
  8. Wow blue paon looks like turquoise!
  9. in serious love with EVERY F/W color!
    have to start save now, i guess
  10. Just received these pictures of Coquelicot from my SA, as he knows I've been on the hunt for Pourpre or Sang for a while now. If nothing turns up, I might just wait for F/W! :biggrin:





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  11. OMG finally, Coquelicot. I think my heart skipped a beat! :yahoo:

    SOLD FOR ME!!!
  12. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts: I want!! Thank you!!
  13. All I can say is WOW!!!
    (But honestly, Saira said it better)
  14. Me want!!!!