Bal Intel - F/W 2011

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  1. That's what my first thought was-LOL :nuts:
  2. I was in someone's office today and saw Cyclamen..... the flower, not the Bbag! Anyway it is such a beautiful and vivid magenta, I can't wait to see this color in bag form! It is definitely at the top of my list for the fall colors. The person who had the flowers probably thinks I'm crazy though....

    Me: "OMG are those Cyclamens?"
    Her: "Yes"
    Me: "OMG Balenciaga is doing bags in this color for fall its so beautiful!!"
    Her: confused blank stare and silence eventually followed by "are those those things you spend like $900 on?"
    Me: "Um Sure, yeah, that's it..."
  3. Lol
  4. when does f/w 2011 handbags start to come out typically?

  5. Just got an email from Aloha Rag, they have the Bow in white ( not sure what other colors it comes in )
  6. ok-posting pics for my friend swissflower that received these from her SA-DN w/ different HW Dark Velo compared to Black Velo


    Attached Files:

  7. ^ it looks totally different in the different pics. im liking dn a lot!
  8. I saw DN recently at NM. It's definitely blue and reminds me of a darker version of Bleu Roi.
  9. :lolots: I love it!!! :roflmfao:
  10. LVLux and Swissflower, thanks for more pics of DN! Wow, it is amazing.
  11. Hi *J* :smile: i checked & the *Bow* is def the correct name for this bag. AR have it in Bianco/White Light, maybe they'll receive it in more colors :graucho:
  12. [​IMG]

    Just found that from VIP STATION

    new colors from 2011 F/W
  13. Wow...AGAIN thank you for the new colors! You are ALWAYS the first to get ARE AMAZING!
    Want another red bag...hmmmm, coquelicot BETTER BE THE COLOR I HAVE DREAMED OF...! Can't wait to see it in a bag! Super excited!!!
  14. OMG I LOVE THEM. PRETTY!!!! now to decide which!

  15. Thank you ruirui! :hugs: You are our top insider! :biggrin:
    *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

    YES. Concrete color swatches!

    Relieved (but not so much wallet) that Bleu Lavende doesn't look like the moto bag that was posted earlier. And Bleu Paon does look like the LE turquoise swatch, so they must be one of the same!

    Cyclamen and cocquelicot look great too! AND! Other colors that weren't revealed earlier! Super curious about atlantique and orange brulee ain't bad either!