Bal Harbour Store report

  1. I stopped by the BH store this afternoon to check out a Miel Croc Jige and thought I'd give you all a rundown of other goodies in the store!

    First of all - although the Jige was gorgeous - it's just a wee bit too small for me (even in the larger size!) so I passed and decided to order a Kelly Sellier 32 in Miel.

    Unfortunately, I'll probably be old and grey by the time the order is processed :sad: But my SA will continue searching to see if she can find something for me that can be delivered before I turn 90yo!

    In other news...

    Quite a bit of croc at BH - there's a Black Glazed Croc Bearne wallet, a gorgeous Rouge glazed croc Jige (also the smaller, envelope size!) and in the back - a TDF Glazed Miel croc briefcase that was priced at a bargain price of $23k (yes, tongue is firmly placed in cheek!)

    They also had a black lizard plume in a smaller size, a pumpkin-colored suede Kelly pouche', and many of the Chevron Twill bags of assorted sizes (as well as Garden party bags of all shapes and sizes).

    Two HUGE (and I mean HUGE) Picotins are there - a black bolide 37 with gold HW, a smaller bolide in potiron, a LOVELY black Kelly Sellier 32 w/silver HW and, and, and (drum roll please)...

    ...the new BOMBAY in black veau liche (I believe)!

    They had one larger size (about as big as my JPG birkin so I'm guessing that's about 42cm) and a little guy, probably about 25cm?) same leather, same color.

    I almost walked out of the store with the large Bombay, I tell ya! It was priced at $5800, and it's lined in the softest tan skin...two sides of interior pockets (ARE YOU READING JEAN PAUL GAULTIER?!!!:cursing:) and um, it was just stunning.

    My SA found another in Rouge at another store and is trying to get it to BH for me to see....I tell ya, if she's able to get it there before someone else snaps it up, it's going to be hard to resist! :yes:

    Ok, and last, but not least, she had a Birkin 35 in gold (not sure of the leather) but it was on hold/special order for another client!

    So there you have it kids...the BH store! I'm so intrigued with that Bombay...I'm thinking I may have to get one, whether it's black or red!!!

  2. Wow, Lisa! Thanks for the rundown. I hope you get your rouge bombay - ti sounds delicious!!

    Did you happen to notice how much the 32 sellier kelly was?
  3. They have my dream bag - a Gold 35cm Birkin!!! I just wanna cry. You wouldn't happen to know how much it was, do ya?

    How does the Bombay bag look? Sorry, I am a H newbie :shame:

    Thanks for the info!
  4. Birkin 35's in Togo/Clemence are running around $7400 these days pre-tax.
  5. Didnt catch the price on the Birkin (lost interest when she said it was spoken for....errghhh!).

    Here's a Bombay pic:

    I'm sure there's more in the threads if you do a search ;)

  6. BTW- How much was the small bombay?
  7. I think it was about $4200 or so - it even comes with a cute little ruthenium (sp) chain bracelet that has little charms with dogs and something else that I can't seem to remember at the moment!

  8. may i ask what size was the paris bombay ? is it the MM size ? thanks..
  9. I just adore the bombay...maybe the new medium size would be a nice one for me.

    I do hope you get to purchase one and you love it! Keep us posted!
  10. Hi There, not sure what sizes the bags were. If I had to guess, I'd say the larger one was around 42cm and the smaller around 25cm...

    Maybe some of the experts can chime in here....I was so enthralled with the big guy that I totally forgot to ask the actual size!!!

  11. The larger one has straps that fit over the shoulder. Just Gorgeous! My SA just showed me one in red that was beautiful but I am staying firm in my need for a Kelly.
  12. ok. i want a 35 black togo birkin with palladium hw!

    ( did i say this right? i've got some serious studying to do, the lingo is so different!)
    thanks for sharing.
  13. Nevermind, Lisa, I found the price on another thread!