Bal Harbour Satchel -- What do We Think?

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  1. [​IMG]

    I was calling around a few outlet stores and found this exact same bag for about 35% off (not the greatest markdown, I know) -- I've seen this style on ebay a couple of times in Mocassin and have taken quite a liking to it (this was originally released during the period of my life when MJ bags were out of the question, so I didn't always follow the new styles so I've only learned of it a few months ago!)

    I did a search and found a few old posts about this bag and from what I can tell it seems that it was pretty HTF and sold out very fast -- I'm actually surprised to have found this style now (I called a few other stores hoping for another color, but there's only this one). I'm actually thinking about getting it -- I would return the YSL Downtown bag that I bought a whim (see Sorry, I Cheated thread) and have to pay a little bit more, but I think it might be worth it.

    What do you guys think? Is this worth returning the Downtown for and getting instead or should I just keep the Downtown Tote and forget about this and keep my focus on the new f/w bags?

    I'd also love to hear from those of you who own this bag -- does it carry well? I'm not worried about weight. As most of you know, I'm a HUGE stam fan and the weight does not bother me. One thing that does is that I read one post where someone said that when you use the chain, the handles don't fall nicely down to the sides of the bag -- is this true, or as the leather softens do they start to give and fall a little easier?

    here are a few older posts about this bag as well as a pic from a few PF members (ironically, in the same Eggshell color!


    p.s. yes -- I know it's white and I don't normally do white bags, however, my YSL Downtown is also white so it's like an even trade!!! Plus, I really LOVE the brown trim on this bag!!:drool::drool:
  2. I think it's gorgeous! I love the round buckles, and the round links on the chain. It looks so rich and luxiourious. It makes me think of super chic ladies shopping in the hamptons...
  3. I think it's absolutely stunning! I'm always a fan of ivory with gold HW - I just don't trust myself with white bags:shame: I really like the chain, too. More delicate than, say, a typical stam chain. It's just very classic and elegant with a bit of an edge. Love it! (And if that army green ever shows up on ebay I'm all over it!!)
  4. I had this in black. It is a really small bag (or seemed that way to me). It is long, but really short in height. It is the shorter version of the Karen and it didn't work for me. Gorgeous bag. Lightweight. The handles do flop to the sides with a lot of use, but never really lay totally flat.

    The color is eggshell which is what I have my Karen in and is a lovely cream.
  5. I know -- that Olive is just gorgeous! that's why I tried a few stores to see if anyone might have had it in another color (seems that they all had the same bags, except this was the ONLY one of these I've found) -- I'm going to try a few East coast stores in the morning just in case (but I doubt it)
  6. You found it too small? Did the three separate sections restrict how much you could carry? that's what I find with my sofia and why I sold all of the ones I had except for my 1st season grape (can't bring myself to part with that one!). I was thinking that because it's longer that I could fit more inside than I fit in the sophia -- do you carry a lot of stuff with you? Can you give me an example of what might NOT fit inside?
  7. It is beautiful and at one point, I thought of hunting one down for myself. It looks so classy and elegant but I really liked your Downtown too and I'm not sure if I would trade that for the Bal Harbour. Since you already have a few Stams, do you want another satchel with a chain strap? I think you should mix it up and keep the Downtown. Good luck with your tough decision! :flowers:
  8. hmmmmmmmm canvas YSL or LEATHER MJ????

  9. From what I remember, the three sections were odd so that you couldn't fill all three up without the bag looking weird. I generally just used the middle section.

    My biggest problem for me was that it just wasn't a very deep bag. I carry papers with me to work and it was too short for that unless you wanted them sticking out. If you carry long items you are fine, but tall items won't fit.
  10. hhehehe...I've had the army green bal harbour on my wishlist (below) for quite awhile. I hope these start "coming out of the woodwork".
    Aren't these a few seasons old to be in the markdown stores now?
  11. I really drooled over this bag when it first came out, but talked myself out of it.... It's not really my style, and would be more of a trophy bag in my collection, kwim? The chain is very heavy from what I remember, but it's detachable. If I had a money tree that actually produced money, I would by this in a heartbeat! But otherwise, it will always be my drool from afar bag.
  12. I saw this bag at my NMLC recently too and was also surprised that it was smaller than I imagined. Also, I usually love off-white bags but this one just seemed too delicate to me. I just couldn't see myself using it on a regular basis so it wouldn't be a smart buy for me.
  13. ehh, i could go either way with this bag...i think you should really just save your money for f/w 08' bags. there are so many great styles - its hard to choose! :smile:
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    I think it looks great! Especially in the ivory with brown trim! I am a little biased though because I have the patchwork satchel which is pretty similar in shape:

    It also has three sections and, like lionlaw, I stuff most of the stuff in the middle section. I holds almost everything I usually carry but it is a pretty tight fit!
  15. it's gorgeous! love it!