Bal Harbour SA's are so RUDE!

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  1. ok so yesterday i went to the boutique at bal harbour to drop off my wallet to get heat stamped. as soon as i walk in the door there were two SA's, a man and a lady. the lady was looking me up and down and did not even say hi. neither of them actually greeted me so i just went up to them and explained what i was there for. so then the lady looked at me like i was speaking another language, she just completely ignored me. finally, the male sa helped me but it was such an awful experience that i don't think i will ever purchase there. the SA's in dadeland are 10000 times more friendly and helpful.
  2. wow..i go there at least once a year and they are always super nice to me.Sorry u had a bad experience!
  3. I think they have the nicest SA's. I will never shop at the Boca Raton LV store those SA's are horrible. So sorry for your bad experience.
  4. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. It can really put a damper on buying LV. I've been to the Boca boutique a bunch of times and some seemed snooty but when I started talking to them, they kind of warmed up. The last time I went, they even asked if I wanted a bottled water.

    I moved recently though so today I went to the one in the Gardens Mall - Palm Beach Gardens, FL and the SA was so nice. She really made me feel better about my Galliera which is in repairs and said I could send it back if I wasn't happy with how they fixed the rings. I ended up buying my agenda refill from her even though it's only October:P
  5. Ive purchased there numerous times *over the phone* and the SAs are always super sweet. Normally I rcv cards with my items or later in the mail thanking me for the purchase. Always great service
  6. You should of complaind or said something to there faces as I deffently would off....Manners are for free so you need to tell them to use them more often!