Bal Harbour or Palm Beach...

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  1. I am going to be in Florida for Spring said he would take me to one of the boutiques. (Yay! He is giving in to the handbag addiction!) It would take about two hours to get to either one, so...

    Anyone in Florida know which one would be more worth while to go to?

    Is either bigger than the other?

    Is either place better for shopping in general?

    Are there any other places I should check out while I am in Florida that sell a lot of Bottega Veneta?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. I don't know the answer. You could go to the Bottega Veneta website and get the phone numbers and call/ask the SA's what they're carrying and how much of the spring collection will be in stock when you'll be there.

    I hope a south FL resident comes along with current info for you. Sounds fun!
  3. I don't live in Florida but I go there about 10 times a year to visit my parents. If it's just a choice of one, I would choose the Bal Harbor Mall. It has every top designer store, Neiman's, Saks, it's beautiful (open air mall, waterfalls, plants) and you can stop and have a nice meal or coffee when your BF gets tired. Have fun.
  4. Bal Harbour!!!
  5. I've never been to the Palm Beach store, but I've been to the Bal Harbour boutique, this one seems to have many items: shoes, bags, clothing. Bal Harbour shops are wonderful (so many designer boutiques), they're a must see, and also a favorite spot for celebrities.
  6. Definitely go to Bal Harbour.
  7. Bal Harbour it is then!! I think we are going to make a weekend out of it.

    Thanks for the help everyone. I'm so excited to go. I just got my new luggage and I am already starting to pack it...and I have over a month to go! Spring Break will be a much needed vacation, and I am counting down the days.
  8. FYI...once you are Bal Harbour you are not very far from Merrick Park in Coral Gables. You should take a drive there and enjoy some shopping as well.
  9. Here is the link

    Village of Merrick Park

    Don't forget to enjoy South Beach