bal harbour H

  1. Going to Miami/Bal Harbour this weekend...hopefully find something fun, at H preferably...

    anyone been there lately? Is it nice/big/small? Are the SAs friendly or snooty? I've had good experiences thus far at H in other cities, but South Florida can be very snob, IMO.

  2. Bal Harbor is a good sized store. They have lots of beautiful enamel bracelets , some RTW, some jewelry and the like. I've never seen lots of bags other than garden party totes but who knows what is in back.
    If you are assertive and friendly I find that the SAs are helpful.
  3. cool, thanks!! im not in the market for any birkins ;), but maybe some SLGs if in the right color/leather :yahoo:
  4. I took the drive a few weeks ago and had a wonderful experience. The three SA's were all quite nice and one was very helpful. It was a fun day for me just playing with various leather goods and such. They couldn't be more helpful and even brought items to me that weren't out in plain sight. It is all in your attitude. I must have presented myself well that day. I can't report anything negative and I would return.
  5. I was there a few weeks ago and the security guard was enthralled with my one year old, they even let her sit on the glass counter! My friend joked that the guard was so preoccupied with my cutie that we could of walked out with half the store. Saw a ton of bracelets, lotsa bolides and some picotins....they def had more in the back. But saw no Birkins or Kellys (didn't ask though). Bal Harbour is worth a visit just for the glorious koi therapy.....
  6. I have never been but I have conversed over the phone with Andrea - she was so sweet and helpful:heart:
  7. thanks much! I can't wait to go!