Bal Harbour - could someone tell me about the shopping

  1. Hi, I am of on holiday in July to Naples, Florida and I am planning on spending the day shopping at Bal Harbour, got a car taking me their as do not drive in the US. First stop will be Fendi on Collins Ave (think thats where it is) could anyone tell me what the shopping is like at Bal. H. is this a place full of streets with shops or is it a Mall.
    Sorry to sound a bit thick, but wanted to make sure its a good place to go and shop. Thanks
  2. Bal Harbour is awesome! I loved it there (I lived in FL till last year and went down to Miami as often as I could :smile:) On average it's a bit on the high-end side, so you'll have FUN if that's what you're looking for. While you're there if you also want to check out another mall I also recommend Merick Park. Have fun!!!
  3. Thanks Jeannie, so Bal Harbour is a mall is that right?
  4. Bal Harbour is a private, two story mall, at one end is Saks Fifth Ave, and at the other is Neiman Marcus and in between Fendi, Gucci, Ferragamo, LV, Dolce, Cartier, Tiffany, Bulgari,, Versace, and just about every high end European and North American Boutique. Once you arrive, it is an easy stroll inside the private mall from store to store, plus restaurants, casual inside Neimans, and three others in the Mall. It is a wonderful, beautiful, mall, great for shoppers of all ages and all nationalities, you will truly enjoy it. In Naples they have the Waterway shopping mall and 5th Avenue and 3rd street shopping areas, they are great, but Bal Harbour is an experience!
  5. Bal Habour is amazing I absolutely adore it, it is a mall but not like a regular mall her are some pics of me on vacay which are taken inside bal habour
    SA400113.jpg SA400120.jpg SA400117.jpg
  6. Oh Wow Label Addict brilliant pictures.

    Habanerita thats just what I needed to know, I am going to Fendi theirs an address of Collins Ave thats why I thought it was a street but did not know. I was in Miami about 10 years ago should think its changed a lot think I remember another shopping area which was also quite big tons of shops, quite different ones to, do not know what that was called, but its Bal Harbour I need to be cannot wait.
  7. Bal Harbour is the best place to go if you are looking for a high end mall. The mall is STUNNING , as you can see from the beautiful pics above! There are intricate ponds with huge goldfish and lush shrubbery! There is every designer store you could wish for (well mostly). Just a great place- lots of people there spending lots of money!

    When are you going exactly? I frequent there often!
  8. I lOve it there!!! I plan my vacations around it! That is my #1 thing to do when I get to Florida!! I just love it there! such a beautiful mall and I love to people watch. there's very good people watching there!! it is just my favorite place to shop & go, out of everywhere I have been so far!!
  9. Definitly check out Merrick Park, - also beautiful with Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Paul Smith, Neiman Marcus, Betsey Johnson, Furla (and I'm forgetting a bunch of others). Have lunch at Villagio outside in a lovely setting. I can't think of too much you can't buy at MP and only about 50 minutes from Bal Harbor.

  10. I am staying down in Naples, but will be going to Bal Harbour on the 19th July as made an appointment with my SA of Fendi who is going to be getting a collection of spy bags together from across the US for me to view.

    Thats brilliant information thank you everyone I have 6 hours down in Miami before I head back, will 6 hours be to long to stay at Bal Harbour I gather theirs places to eat any recommendations appreciated
  11. 6 hours at Bal Harbour on your first visit including lunch or dinner will be fine., Carpaccio right at the mall has a nice atmosphere, food and drinks are good and people watching is awesome...........
  12. 6 hours is not to long is it? or is their something else I should see near Bal Harbour Mall, like any more shops.
  13. I haven't been there, sounds fab! I know they must have a pretty good LV, it seems like when ever I get something transfered in it's from there ;)
  14. I love Bal Harbour. It is my favorite mall anywhere. Most of the boutiques are global stores and carry a good range of items. I really love the shoe dept at NM. Naples is a couple of hours drive to Bal Harbour. The mall is actually 3 stories. It is an outside mall for the most part with Khoi ponds and very lush "inside". Merrick Park mall is also an outside mall. Lots of great stores there. It is probably 30 minutes from Bal Harbour. Much bigger than Bal Harbour. Also there is no tax on clothing or shoes. Yay!
  15. That is so helpful, I am going to be their for about 6-7 hours so hoefully could check out Merrick Park as well if its only 30 minutes away, but does Merrick Park have the same shops as Bal Harbour?