Bal Harbour Cocktail Party

  1. Our reception seems to be later than everyone elses -- Dec. 13

    I plan on attending, will I be seeing anyone else there?

    (I'll be leaving the wrestling mask at home)
  2. need a date? ;)
  3. ^lmao!!!!!!!
  4. I'm pretty sure I'm closer than you are Matt. Can I be the date?? Hah. :nuts:
  5. HAHHA I booked my ticked 2 hours ago
  6. not quite the response i was expecting, but don't worry boys theres plenty of me to go around.
  7. sounds like it's going to be a wild party~~~
  8. LOL!! This is the time when you need a clone machine...

  9. Can I join in on the fun?

    As a date perhaps?

  10. i love bal Harbour:nuts:!! your party is going to be so fabulous!!
    pls post pics at least of ur outfit!!
  11. I'll hop on that bandwagon! lol...
  12. Wow, this party sounds like it is off to a great start!
  13. i love bal harbour, but i don't have an invite. ;( im in boca raton, about an hour north.