Bal Harbor Boutique News

  1. I was at the Bal Harbor boutique yesterday. I was disappointed that the SAs were not very friendly at all. I got a "green" SA. Walked out with a couple of key chains (incl. snowman) and a couple of scarves.

    I heard:

    1. No birkins until February 2007 :crybaby:

    2. New Hermes Boutique opening in Naples, Florida :yes:

  2. OH! Thanks for the news!
    The SA's at Hermes in Balharbour are VERY different from my other experiences with other Hermes SA's aswell. They told me to GRAB the gold kelly (i did not get) 2 years ago as they have VIPs up the wazoo that are first in line!!! I don't think a Birkin will EVER be on the shelf there, no way.
  3. Congrats on your purchases Sus. Isn't the snowman chain adorable? It's definitely one of my favorites.
  4. May we see some pics please:tender:
  5. Sus...ask for Isabel next time...she is very sweet!
  6. Oh thanks lovehermes. I left feeling very disappointed even thinking that if I had to deal with this kind of thing I would rather pay more and work with a reseller. The Tysons Corner Hermes in Virginia was just the opposite - really sweet SAs (and I was dressed much more casually there). Palm Beach was somewhere inbetween.

    Rose, I will ask DH to help me with pictures. I have not put my collection on because I do not know how to do the computer.
  7. Kinda reminds me of my experience with Las Vegas Hermes (sorry for those who are going to the PF convention in Dec.!). The SA I dealt with was horrid, and when I wrote in, other PFers said that they had great experiences at that store.

    But I understand you...just keep patronizing the good SAs. I found a great one at the store that's just 20 min. from my house. And even at that store, I still manage to find 1-2 that aren't that great, but it pays to be loyal to one good SA, anyway.
  8. No Birkins until 2/07? I hadn't heard that from any of the stores I visit. Is it that there'll be no Birkins at the Bal Harbour store until 2/07?
  9. as a consolation 'til the Birkins come in to the Bal Harbour store (I was there a few days ago too, shelves were Birkenless), do y'all think the SA's might give us Hermes ribbon for ponytails? I used to have one but lost it............:happydance:
  10. you see Isabel? She told me there weren't any Birkins either but I don't know for how long.

  11. They have been so incredibly rude and snotty to me with a recent purchase made through their store by my SA in Atlanta. I don't ever want to have to work with them on ANYTHING again.
  12. I'm no Hermes guru, but I know rude SA's. My mom and I went in there a few months ago... they practically SPAT on us with their eyes. I was really freggin confused and my mom said something to make them realize we don't need their BS. My mom and I are great at making comments that take a few minutes for someone to understand... as we walked out- they understood my mom just gave them a backhanded comment. THAT was the best part of my visit there last time. :yucky:
  13. OMG...I was there last June and the SAs were very snotty and didn't really help me at all with scarves. Please ask for Isabel because she was really sweet! That store does have an uppity feel to it and I can't understand why...maybe the whole Bal Harbour Mall is like that? I don't know. I've never seen so many Bentleys in my life...and the jewelry those women wear is out there...Bling! Not used to that being from the Midwest.
  14. ^ The area itself has huge money, but still, money or not- it is not acceptable behavior. The rest of the boutiques there have been great with me (except Chanel!!). It may be a South florida thing for that area... Bal Harbour is ritzy as ritzy can be, but it doesn't make it justifiable or right.
  15. ^^very true Megs. Maybe I could tell my SA that I have friends who frequent Bal Harbour and have noticed that behavior at their store?