Bal giant city in rose peche or rose poudre

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  1. Im so in love with rose peche
    But couldn't find it anymore
    The closest i can get is rose poudre but seems like the color is so much paler
    Rose peche is so pretty
    Anybody own any of these two?
    What do you think
    Should I just get the rose poudre or wait maybe they will come out something similar to rose peche?

    Attached : rose peche (credit:angelbirdbb)

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  2. Rose poudre

    Pic credit: tpf member

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  3. #3 Jun 4, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2016
    I think they're very different colors and you might regret the Rose Poudre if you really want the Rose Peche. Rose Peche is indeed gorgeous with gold hardware, I can see why you love it.
  4. oh, these are both so feminine and lovely. they look very different though; the bottom almost looks like mauve/light lavender. the top one is beautiful.
  5. Yes its so beautiful
    Really wish they will produce this color again
  6. Rose Peche!
  7. Hi,

    I have the rose peche city in GGH .. the pink can looks peach at certain lighting ... but it is indeed gorgeous ..



    I think Reebonz sometime still carry the Rose Peche in other style than city ...

    rose poudre is much much paler , almost like white with hints of pink .. how about rose hortensia?

  8. Oh my goodness
    Shes so pretty
    Really envy you

    Yes i was considering rose hortensia too
    But the color seems darker i think
    I prefer this rose peche
    I think it is just nice
    So pretty
    Really wish they would produce somethjng similar tothis again😥

    You are so lucky
    Thats a really pretty bag!!😔
  9. thank you dear :smile:

    have you seen the rose petale? but it only comes in the metal plate style with calfskin leather
  10. Just googled it
    It's quite pretty too n seems similar to rose peche
    Although i prefer giant city style
    But this is not a bad substitute

    Thanks for letting me know 😊