Bal from NY

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  1. I'm a foreigner and will be visiting NY for my vacation. I plan to purchase a new Balenciaga.
    Where can I have the best prices? From its own store? From a corner in a big designer store? Or else?
    I really need your suggestions..
    TIA. :hugs:
  2. Neiman Marcus in NY sell Balenciaga bags. Why dont you jump online to get an idea of the bags they stock first and see what the prices are like. Personally unless they are having a sale i would go to Balenciaga in Chelsea NY, Im sure you would have a larger selection of bags/wallets to choose from and it would be great experience to purchase a bag from the actual Balenciaga store itself.
  3. If you purchase from Bal NY (or any Balenciaga store) you only get a store credit and are then stuck with it. That happened to me and I really did not like the customer service at Bal NY or in LA. I hated going back to either store. I finally got a jacket.

    On the other hand, I LOVE Barneys. Good selection, nice sales people and a month return policy.
  4. I made my first purchase at Bal NY. I'd go back to the flaagship. I'd go back - though the decor/building seemed a tad pretentious, the staff were lovely - both in person & by email.
  5. Maxxout makes some good points about returns. I would look at the websites for Barneys and Balenciaga and Neiman Marcus and see which has the style/ color/ hardware combo you want. They all carry different stuff.
  6. I'm sure all the prices are the same in any NYC store.
  7. Price wise they will be the same at a department store VS a boutique. Boutiques will have more of a selection than department stores. However maxxout pointed out a good thing to consider is that at if you change your mind you can return to a department store at a boutique you can only get a store credit. An I have been burned in the past by a bad SA so I tend to be hesitant to buy from the boutiques. I do have a good one who I use for things I can't get from department stores now.
  8. Oh thank you all for sharing your experiences :hugs:
    It seems better to try all my options and then decide. My first job will be to check NM and Barneys websites.
    Do you know if special customers (with any sort of customer card or credit card) get any discount on these stores?? Or with a first ever purchase from that store?
  9. If you open up a Charge Card at either Neiman Marcus or Barneys, I believe they have a discount (10% maybe) associated with the purchase.

    Not sure if you have to pay the tax; I know when buying in Europe, a US citizen is not charged the VAT. Not paying the tax will also help a little bit.

    Would also recommend looking through this thread to see other stores in the area that carry/sell Balenciaga (these are all authorized retailers/resellers):
  10. Great thanx for your input :ty:
  11. I didn't have a great experience at Bal NY either. The SA was snooty and kind of dismissive. I know I don't look filthy rich but I'm not crazy enough to go in there if I wasn't able to afford one of their bags! Barney's was definitely a better, "warmer" experience!