Bal dilemma

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  1. Well...last summer I went to Spain, and entered a shop, where they sell also Balenciagas...I asked her to show me something ('twas a multybrand shop, so they had not many pieces).
    She showed me a white city and a bag I haven't found in the reference library....
    Maybe I'm mad, maybe I just dreamt about that, but there was a friend of mine who can testify that...there was a silk lilac first!
    Is it possible? That was silk, I'm sure! It wasn't leather...please, help me to understand if my mind has gone or silk bal do really exist...
  2. The only silk bbags I have seen have been the clutch why wouldn´t they excist in other styles as well??

  3. Has anyone some photos of silkies?
  4. This bag exists. It's from a holiday collection I think winter 2005. It came in shiny gold hw. It's really rare, I haven't seen any on ebay. They didn't sell that well in shops though. I saw it last year at Browns For Less in London, with a big discount.
  5. I'll have to go back to that small town...If anyone is interested or can check if it is there again, it's in Spain, Plaja d'Aro, Costa Brava...I was really in love with it...
  6. Oooo I know which one you are talking about ~~

  7. Yes, that bag totally exists. It was made in the shoulder and First styles with shiny gold hw. The color is actually more of a very pale pink. So you're not going bonkers! ;)
  8. Did you post a picture? I can't see it..I see just a red X:crybaby:
  9. burukoge, your luscious coin purses are opening my Bal appetite! ;)
  10. It was the first Bbag I saw IRL...:crybaby:I completely fell in love with it, but haven't found pictures so long...
    Oooh if I could go back there....:girlsigh:
  11. I saw it at NM years ago, too. It came in multiple colors and the price was as much as regular Bal leather bags.
  12. Ohhh I have a pic of one- I think its the mini classiue with chain handles[​IMG]
  13. Oh not sure what happened, but here it is again :shame:

    Thank you earth.keeper :heart:

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  14. wow thats pretty:girlsigh:
  15.'s her...I had her in my hands, on my shoulder...and didn't take it...I didn't know it was rare, I was SO YOUNG...this could be my next HG. Thanks for the pix...I finally have a picture to keep next to my heart...I love gold hardware. LOVE IT!
    Thanks again...:crybaby: